Selecting Business Scope

Standard Description of Business Scope of Chinese Companies

If you are using translation software filling in business scope and commercial activities for setting up a Chinese company with the corporate type as a WFOE ( wholly foreign owned enterprise ) or other structure of corporations such JV ( joint venture ), DIE ( domestic invested enterprise ), LLC ( limited liability company ), LLP ( limited liability partnership ), Sole Trader ( self employed business as well as proprietorship ) to operate offshore businesses in mainland China.

Here is a collection of guides about Chinese corporate business scope for your reference, because the cultural differences, SMEsChina teams try to list the details business activities with simply and comprehensible vocabularies for your better understanding and selecting.

Business Scope of Top 10 Industries:

– Classify as comprehensive industries
– Classify as creative design industries
– Classify as trade, wholesale, retail
– Classify as consulting service industries
– Classify as engineering industries
– Classify as installation industries
– Classify as logistics industries
– Classify as scientific technologies
– Classify as equipment leasing
– Classify as manufacturers

You can select commercial activities from cross multiple industries ( different industrial selections ). Remember another rule please, following guideline listed from official national codes of economy and industry with the primary classifications. That means you should list business activities as edible agricultural products instead of potato, apple, tomato. In a similar way, just like hereinafter Selection 1, the first list is mechanical and electrical equipment, you do not need to list your unit types, specifications or other industrial parameters, our broad heading can be approved quickly and easily.

Selecting business activities from below list

Selecting Your Business Activities and Scope from 10 Classifies

1. Mechanical and electrical equipment ( except for special equipment ), sales, installation, maintenance.
2. Resistor production, processing and marketing, sales.
3. Instrumentation equipment ( except for measurement ), assembly, research and development, sales.
4. Kitchen equipment sales, installation and maintenance.
5. Construction machinery ( except for special equipment ), lease, maintenance and sales.
6. Public safety technology prevention, engineering design, construction and maintenance.
7. Furniture and household products, design, sales, lease.
8. Build, construction engineering survey, design, consulting services.
9. Hydraulic components and accessories, sales and technical services.
10. UV curing coatings development, production, sales.
11. Concrete additives production, processing and selling.
12. Food marketing management.
13. Restaurant management.
14. Food and beverage management.
15. Investment management ( except for finance, securities and other countries, special approval items ).
16. Engaged in import and export of goods and technology import and export businesses.
17. Planting and maintenance of flowers and bonsai.
18. Hotel management services.
19. Circuit board development and production, sales.
20. Electronic products, design and development, sales
21. Computer software and hardware development, sales.
22. property management, estate services.
23. Parking lot management services.

1. Advertisement design, production, agency, publication.
2. Creative design and services.
3. Animation design and services.
4. Industrial product design, services.
5. Multimedia and digital image design.
6. Exhibition and presentation, design and services.
7. Graphic design ( photo, logo ), plane designs.
8. Proscenium construction and design.
9. Etiquette and conference service.
10. Interior and exterior decoration and design.
11. Computer graphic design and production.
12. Building install, decoration engineering and design.
13. Industrial automation control equipment design.
14. Design and produce all kinds of advertisements.
15. Packaging design for industrial products.
16. Industrial production and modeling design.
17. Environmental equipment design.
18. Apparel design.
19. Automatic control equipment design and maintenance.
20. Electronic engineering design and construction.
21. Lighting engineering and design.

1. Chemical raw materials and products ( except dangerous goods ).
2. Chemical equipment and accessories.
3. Building materials, decorative materials.
4. Chemical auxiliaries ( except dangerous goods ).
5. Petrochemical machinery and components.
6. Bamboo and wood products.
7. Rubber and plastic products.
8. Cutlery, tools and measuring tools.
9. Automobile and motorcycle parts.
10. Refrigeration equipment and parts.
11. Water heating fittings and equipment.
12. Environmental protection equipment.
13. Packing materials.
14. Pipe-line equipment.
15. Marine electric apparatus.
16. Hydraulic equipment.
17. Waterborne coating.
18. Gas Equipment.
19. Communication equipment and related products.
20. Auto parts ( except engine ).
21. Water treatment set.
22. Laboratory equipment.
23. Anti-corrosive insulation materials.
24. Flood lighting equipment.
25. Medical apparatus and instruments.
26. Mineral products.
27. Steel, standard parts.
28. Feed, feed additive.
29. Air conditioner.
30. Floors, artificial board.
31. Water pipe, valve.
32. Transducer.
33. Pneumatic hydraulic parts.
34. Bearings.
35. Punching mesh, steel mesh, wire mesh.
36. Stamping parts.
37. Punching equipment.
38. Lubricating oil.
39. Aluminum products, aluminum platinum.
40. Composite materials, aluminum alloy materials and products.
41. Marine electrical equipment.
42. Marine automation equipment and accessories.
43. Stainless steel products.
44. Goods shelf ( storage rack ).
45. Titanium dioxide.
46. Mud additives, concrete additives ( except dangerous goods ).
47. Injection molding machine and accessories.
48. Metal materials and products.
49. Mechanical equipment and accessories.
50. General mechanical equipment and accessories.
51. Nonferrous materials.
52. Metal surface treatment equipment.
53. Stainless steel material and products.
54. Complete mechanical equipment for metallurgy.
55. Construction machinery equipment and accessories.
56. Pet supplies.
57. Leather-ware.
58. Down and feather filled products.
59. Bedding.
60. Photographic apparatus.
61. Hotel supplies and equipment.
62. Kitchen equipment.
63. Printing apparatus.
64. Household appliances.
65. Detergents.
66. Personnel protective equipment.
67. Handicrafts.
68. General merchandise.
69. Sound equipment.
70. Sanitary ware.
71. Clothing, shoes and hats.
72. Textile materials, needle textiles.
73. Office equipment, stationery.
74. Sporting goods, sports equipment and accessories.
75. Cultural and office goods.
76. Doors, fenestration, furniture.
77. Cosmetics
78. Flower plants and nursery stock.
79. Arts and crafts.
80. power distribution cabinet.
81. Electronic products and accessories
82. Electronic components.
83. Intelligent electronic devices.
84. Instrumentation, wires and cables.
85. Electrical equipment, accessories.
86. Welding materials.
87. Automation complete set of distribution equipment.
88. Power transformer.
89. High and low voltage electrical components.
90. Conductor element.
91. Electric power tool.
92. Hardware electromechanical.
93. Electromechanical products.
94. Electromechanical equipment.
94. Power equipment.
95. Electrical power unit.
96. Photoelectric components.
97. Computer, software and auxiliary equipment.
98. Computer and accessories.
99. Electronic and digital equipment and accessories.
100. Computer consumables.
101. Industrial dust removal equipment.
102. Industrial automation control equipment.
103. Edible agricultural products.

1. Design of enterprise image.
2. Marketing planning consulting.
3. Market information survey and consultation.
4. Green conservation, bonsai flowers planting.
5. Posting and delivering services.
6. Website establishment and production.
7. Light box processing services.
8. Business information consulting ( except brokerage ).
9. Investment management and consulting.
10. Educational technology service and consulting.
11. Study abroad intermediary services.
12. For private immigration intermediary services.
13. Corporation management consultant.
14. Architectural engineering consulting.
15. Financial advisory.
16. Culture, art exchanging and advisory.
17. Sports activity planning consultation.
18. Economic advisory and information.
19. Commodity information consulting.
20. Wedding etiquette services.
22. Exhibition services.
23. Photography services.
24. Conference services.
25. Building cleaning service.
26. Etiquette services.
27. Loading and unloading service.
28. Labor services.
29. Warehouse service.
30. Interior and exterior decoration and design services.
31. Translation service.
32. Package service.
33. Celebration planning service.
34. Trademark design service.
35. Landscaping services.
36. Leather and leather products maintenance services.
37. Electrical assembly service.
38. Photographic camer services.
39. Supply chain management.

1. Architectural engineering.
2. Network engineering.
3. Landscape engineering.
4. Municipal engineering.
5. Foundation engineering.
6. Water engineering.
7. Civil engineering.
8. Fire protection engineering.
9. Environmental protection engineering.
10. Communications engineering.
11. Painting construction.
12. Building construction engineering.
13. Building erection works.
14. Architectural decoration works.
15. Interior decoration engineering.
16. Landscaping project.
17. Ground foundation engineering.
18. Water and electricity installation project.
19. Anti-corrosion insulation engineering.
20. Paint insulation engineering.
21. Building intelligent system project.
22. Computer network engineering.
23. Public safety technology prevention project.

1. Computer, office equipment maintenance.
2. Electrical installation and maintenance service.
3. Mechanical equipment ( except special equipment ) maintenance service.
4. Fuel pump installation and repair.
5. Electronic equipment installation and maintenance.
6. Machine set up, installation and debugging.
7. Construction equipment ( except special equipment ) installation.
8. Water and electricity installation.
9. Industrial automation equipment installation.
10. Signs, neon installation.
11. Installation of steel structure.
12. Installation of communication equipments.
13. Communication line installation.

1. Road freight for general goods.
2. Hazardous chemicals transportation service.
3. Domestic freight forwarder.
4. Non-vessel operation carrier.
5. Special transport of goods ( container ).
6. Land international freight forwarding agent.
7. Agent for the international carriage of goods by sea.
8. Air international cargo transport agent.
9. Warehouse service.
10. Customs clearance services.

1. Food technology research and development.
2. Building materials research and development.
3. Petrochemical technology.
4. Electric automation technology.
5. Environmental science and technology.
6. Filtering technology.
7. Electromagnet science and technology.
8. Electronics technology.
9. Electrical science and technology.
10. Marine equipment technology.
11. Fluid control technology.
12. Chemical process technology.
13. Information and communication technology.
14. Hydraulic technology.
15. Pneumatic system technology.
16. Network and computer technology.
17. Biological technology.
18. Medical technology.
19. Medicine science and technology.
20. Auto science and technology.
21. Software technology.
22. Intelligent technology.
23. digital technology.
24. Heating equipment engineering technology
25. Electroplate development technology.
26. Energy-saving technology.
27. New chemical material technology.
28. Filtration technology.
29. Measurement technique.
30. Internet of things technology.
31. Educational technology.

1. Electronic equipment leasing.
2. Construction machinery leasing.
3. House, office leasing.
4. Construction equipment leasing.
5. Cars rental services.
6. Laboratory equipment leasing.
7. Engineering machine leasing.
8. Financial leasing service.
9. Office equipment leasing.
10. mechanical equipment leasing

1. Home appliances manufacturing and processing.
2. Pipeline, accessories production and processing.
3. Metal products production and processing.
4. Hardware processing.
5. Mechanical manufacturing.
6. Garment production and processing.
7. Electronic products production and processing.
8. Filter equipment and accessories production and processing.
9. Adhesive production and processing.
10. Ordinary mechanical manufacture.
11. Textile production and processing.
12. Auto parts production and processing.
13. food manufacturing.
14. Production and processing of building materials.

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