SMEsChina lawyers list the popular 13 versions about the business activities of the Yacht company formation for your studies.

Version 1:

Ships and accessories, daily necessities, stationery, travel goods, yachts, hardware, handicrafts (except cultural relics, ivory and products), food wholesale, import and export, commission agents (except auctions), and related ancillary services, tourism Information consultation, exhibition services, catering services (limited to branch operations), catering business management, yacht business lease, design, production, agency, publishing various types of advertising, crafts design, technical services in the field of computer science, photography services ( Aviation photography, surveying and mapping), cultural and artistic exchange activities planning (except performance economy), sports event planning, marketing planning, wedding etiquette services, stage planning.

Version 2:

Yachts and their accessories, yacht related products sales, leasing, clothing and accessories and accessories sales, engaged in technical consulting in the field of yachts, business consulting (except brokerage), construction engineering, engaged in import and export of goods and technology import and export business.

Version 3:

Sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, technical consultation of water sports events, sports equipment, sporting goods rental and sales, import and export of goods and technology, conference services, exhibition services, catering business management, parking Field management service, travel consultation.

Version 4:

Manufacturing, processing and maintenance of yachts and their accessories (operated by caps), design, sales, leasing and maintenance of yachts and their accessories, technology development, technology transfer, technical consultation, technical services, wedding etiquette services in the field of ship science and technology , travel consultation, conference services, exhibition services, business information consultation, sporting goods, daily necessities wholesale, retail, import and export business of goods and technology.

Version 5:

Yachts, business boat design and leasing, yacht maintenance and maintenance, technical consulting, technical services, technology transfer in the field of ship technology, import and export business of goods and technology, business information consultation, conference services, exhibition services, yacht management services , cultural and art exchange planning (except for performance brokers), yacht club operation management, sales yachts, business boats.

Version 6:

Operating yacht clubs, yachting seas, shopping malls, business centers, organizing fishing activities, engaging in real estate development and management, wholesalers, commission agents (excluding auctions), import and export and related packages for yachts, sailboats, motorboats and related spare parts business.

Version 7:

R & D, design, manufacturing, maintenance, sales: ship, sales: FRP products, marine equipment.

Version 8:

Design, manufacture and sale of self-produced yachts and processing and maintenance of various types of yachts and related products.

Version 9:

Engaged in the wholesale and import and export of yachts, sailboats, yacht accessories, textiles, furniture, lamps, decorative crafts, daily groceries and sporting goods, construction and operation management of yacht marinas, yacht driving training, domestic yacht maintenance and catering services.

Version 10:

Yacht, golf cart, lawn machinery wholesale, commission agent (except auction) business, provide yacht professional maintenance and driving training services for customers, import and export of goods, technology import and export, agent import and export.

Version 11:

Sales of water transportation equipment, special equipment, electronic products, hardware, power supply, rental machinery and equipment (excluding car rental), repair machinery and equipment, technology development, technology transfer, technical consultation, technical services, technology promotion, warehousing services, Consulting, investment management, investment consulting, project investment, organization of cultural and artistic exchange activities (excluding business performances), hosting exhibitions and exhibitions, conference services, import and export of goods, technology import and export, agent import and export, sports project management.

Version 12:

Sales, rental yachts, sporting goods, economic information consultation, yacht equipment technical consultation, technology development, technology transfer, technical services, professional contracting, hosting exhibitions, sports project management (except high-risk sports).

Version 13:

Rental, assembly of yachts, yacht engines, provision of yacht berths, storage, maintenance, maintenance and training of yacht engines and components, sales: yachts, motor boats, sailboats, sports equipment, fitness equipment, sporting goods, exhibition exhibition services, Conference services, outdoor fitness services, design and construction of marinas, management of terminal enterprises, production and sale of Chinese and Western food, import and export of various commodities and technologies.

Above 13 versions of the yacht company’s business activities of the yacht company include sales, rental, maintenance, parking, etc. Once you decide to setting up a yacht company in China, you may use this page for your studies.

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