Whole-Process Electronic Online Company Registration APP System

What is the whole-process electronic registration system for registering companies and online ID verification system by One Window App.

Online Company Registration APP

Chinese is implementing an APP for company formation and business licenses registration through online system and verification procedure.

If you are preparing the documents and registration forms for your local company registration and licenses application. Here is a guidance for online APP registration and verification system for your studies.

How many times you have to submit the documents of company incorporation to local government office and the market and supervision department to obtain the 5-in-1 business license?

2 times? 1 time? No, You are out!Online Company Registration APP

Today, if you want to register a company, you do not need to government office personally, the whole process will be completed by an APP and online registration system, we call it: ONE WINDOW SYSTEM. You just need to stay at home and link the WIFI to complete the whole procedure. You can open a company comfortably and quickly.

What is the whole process electronic registration system?

The whole electronic refers to the applicant by the service platform to declare enterprise establishment and registration, enterprise through the use of digital certificates for identification and electronic signature, via the internet in the form of electronic documents, apply to the registration authority online registration authority to accept the file, review and approval, licensing, registration way.

What are the requirements for a full electronic registration system?

The company handled by the applicant shall be the establishment registration of the company, and the domicile for the registration of the company shall be the centralized registration place, and an agreement has been signed with the management party of the centralized registration place.

What convenience for local new enterprises?

The whole process of enterprise registration has broken the limitation of time and space for enterprise registration in the past, realized the transformation from “face-to-face” offline processing to “key-to-key” online processing mode, truly achieved “zero meet, no media, no paper” for electronic business license, so that enterprises can easily open at home.

How to use the whole process electronic registration system?

http://yct.sh.gov.cn, open the website and after filling in the registration items for the establishment of the enterprise and passing the preliminary examination, click “pass the preliminary examination” and select the “whole-process electronic” registration method. And refer to the following screenshots.

step 1: open the website

step 1: open the website

step 2: register a user name

step 2: register a user name

step 3: input the information of company formation

step 3: input the information of company formation

step 4: verify the ID for key people

step 4: verify the ID for key people

step 5: upload the signed documents

step 5: upload the signed documents

Documentation Download List (PDF):Signatory:Remarks:
Letter of Commitment of Establishment of Foreign Investment EnterpriseShareholder(s)Bilingual, print double, black pen
The Letter of Attorney for Appointed or Authorized AgentShareholder(s)Bilingual, print 4 copies, black pen
Foreign Company Registration (Record) ApplicationLegal RepresentativeBilingual, print double, black pen
Information of Legal RepresentativeLegal RepresentativeBilingual, print double, black pen
Information of Executive DirectorDirectorBilingual, print double, black pen
Information of SupervisorSupervisorBilingual, print double, black pen
Situations of Investors ( Shareholder Roster )Needn’tBilingual, print double
The Letter of Attorney of Services of Legal Documents of Foreign Investment EnterpriseLegal Representative and Shareholder(s)Bilingual, print double, black pen
Commitment of the Registry AuthorityLegal RepresentativeBilingual, print double, black pen
Commitment of New EstablishmentShareholder(s)Bilingual, print double, black pen
Virtual Registered Address AgreementLegal RepresentativeBilingual, print double, black pen
Letter of Attorney of Application of Company SealsLegal RepresentativeBilingual, print double, black pen
Letter of Attorney of Corporate Digital CertificateLegal RepresentativeBilingual, print double, black pen
Appointment DocumentShareholder(s)Bilingual, print double, black pen
Sample of the Articles of AssociationShareholder(s)Bilingual, print double, black pen
Application of Foreign Trade Operator CertificatesLegal RepresentativeBilingual, print double, black pen, import and export businesses need it
General Taxpayer Application (VAT Qualification)Legal RepresentativeBilingual, print double, black pen

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