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tiffany hr manager

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Tiffany: HR Manager

Tiffany Zhang: Born in Anhui Province, China

Position: General Manager of Human Resources

Tiffany joined SMEs Service Center in May, 2002 as an intern of Human Resources, and took up the role of head as the general manager in October 2014.

2002 July, she graduated from Anhui Agricultural University, and was recommended by student union to be an intern to join our campus training programme. She actively participated in the training program, and got the first place in the internal comprehensive examination, and was employed as a regular employee by the company’s Human Resources Department.

2009, she was arranged to immigration and visa department to provide foreign employee’s working visa and resident permits services. Until 2014, she has processed over 2,000 visa application and built a great relation with immigration office.

2014, October, she was appointed by group as the General Manager of Human Resources to operate and assist Chinese and Foreign employees’ social insurance, housing fund, commercial insurance, working and residence permit and the establishment of employee welfare system.

Tiffany also is a German learner.