Here’s what our happy customers had to say about our services:

The whole experience of business registration was very helpful and I look forward to cooperate with your financial team to complete the following tax compliance.

Rabeeh Abla 2015, CEO of Digital Media

Just completed our WFOE registration with virtual registered address by your teams, and here just wanted to say thank you for all of you, hope grow up together.

Leonard 2009, Quality Manager of Environmental Projects

One of the real strengths of your team is the perfect service system, and 5 staff helped our US technology LLC to establish a Chinese local business entity, and bank account through 2 months procedure.

Alan Hurt 2009 , Director of Mobile Advertisement

2004, we wanted to cooperate with Shanghai Thames Town and began to start the company formation with Mr Mark who is the registrar at SMEsChina, for our project of hotel, they completed the process within 7 working days, its amazing.

Bhaskar Bharath 2001, Chief Architect of Thames Town

When I was tasked with creating a software business here, had a lot of time to research the procedure for working visa, and thought its difficult as a foreigner, but ultimately your team helped me, thanks again.

Joshua Weaver 2003, Shanghai formula one technical consultant

If anyone wants to develop a business here that needs to find an assistant to complete quickly and easily, but should consider this team.

Jim Ingwersen 2004, Engineer of Vehicle Testing

Without your teams and helping, I am lost sometimes for establishing my catering brand to be here, and happy to see that I chose the best consultant and best customer support.

Thomas Cinatl 2004, Michelin chef

It was difficult to complete the whole procedure of limited company here, anyway, thanks Mr Zheng and Mrs Chen to assist us obtaining the business license and certificate of foreign enterprise from industrial and commercial bureau.

Alice Xia 2005, Business Consultant

So knowledgeable and helpful corporation services for all of guys are always here together.

Mark Sandford 2017, Marine Technical Adviser

Our purchase department team had a great experience by this platform with your financial teams, thanks and keep up more good works.

Murugesh Perumal 2018, Purchasing Officer

The features of your teams are incredible, and we did not have to seek other agents to expand our Chinese market, your teams will be better in the future.

Foster Naines 2007, Planner of Disney

Saved us 2 months of establishment time for registering local business licenses from so many departments. Thanks for your guys.

Curtis Smith 2007, Senior Software Developer

When we started the business in 2009, now is 2019, but I saw your service level would be better, and Chinese regulations and tax policies also be better.

Celine 2019, Strategy Consultant

We chose SMEsChina teams based on its simplicity, ease of establishing a joint venture here,the most enticing feature was that our case was done for everything, it was important for a startup.

John A. Fuqua 2016, Construction Consultant

Had great experience with your service packages, thanks for sharing so many best practices with my teams, although were some troubles for opening a bank account but we done it, thanks.

Ami Solomon 2017, Product Manager

Cooperated with your teams to complete the cases with us, was happy for your efforts for renting manufacturing and warehouse and total investment capital done excellently.

Michael Schumacher 2007, Verband Der Automobilindustrie

Thank you and all teams and that was an excellent process for our company establishment and employee registration, we have requested our local team to cooperate your financial department to share your skills for opening corporate bank account.

Lisa Matthews 2018, CPA of Swiss Chamber of Commerce

We planed to establish a trading WFOE using the services of SMEsChina with the main functions: trading, technical supporting and project installation. Your team provided us to achieve our corporate goals for the WFOE registration, Thanks for all of you.

Bruce Bishop 2006, Vice President of Membrane Technologies

Branding is very important to us, I believe that SMEsChina that helped us establishing a good brand here, therefore, I recommended another friend to start his own company with this team.

DR. BIRO 2017, Branding Manager

That was a great experience for me to be here to register my own trading company 2 years ago, now its clearly for me to understand more VAT regulations from your helping.

James 2009, Australian Jewellery Exhibition Centre

Its easy for me to establish a universal detection technology company with this team, happy to complete the procedure and obtain approval from the local office.

Michael Anthony 2017, Director of Testing & Technology Company

Happy new year Mark, after much internal decision and careful consideration, we have decided to set up the limited company with your firm with your professional services.

David Chan 2016, Engineer of Marine Exploration