Taxation is an inevitable problem for a new company, and taxation is the core content of corporate compliance. Almost all entrepreneurs are “carefully” on the tax policy and related taxation regulations, rules, they need to pay high costs of testing and running to learn the policies and taxation for different industries.

Obtaining high-level tax planning is the most complex thing for a startup company in mainland China, requiring a lot of theoretical and practical experience, and balancing the confidentiality and disclosure of information. So many “tax planning” is one-sided and failed. How to provide entrepreneurs with tax security guarantees and establish a safe boundary line for your corporate taxes? In order to improve the power of enterprises, SMEsChina finance support teams plan to cooperate with the Shanghai Enterprise Development Expert Volunteer Service Corps, North Division, to organize a tax policy training at SMEsChina Pudong Financial Service Center.

This event of tax policy training will invite our member companies and cooperative service providers, you can take the opportunity to meet more business partners and business friends. Look forward to your visits.

Why Should Attend the Training Meeting:

1. Understand and learn the current environment of China tax policy. Clarify the future direction of tax reform in China.

2. Learn the taxation policies for major taxes (value-added tax, corporate income tax, personal income tax) in your business operations. Get the most common means and solutions of saving taxes.

3. The direction and risk of reform for individual tax (personal incomes).

4. The best path for social security compliance.

5. The operation method of common tax planning methods.

6. Explosion conditions for tax risks, understand the possibility of tax auditing and coping strategies.

Sharing Our Outline:

1. Common requirements for tax compliance after obtaining VC financing and listing IPO compliance planning.

2. Learn and understand the revolution of taxation means represented by the Golden Tax III.

3. Foreign exchange processes and current policies of foreign transactions.

4. Corporate intellectual property and authorized agency taxation system.

5. Coping strategies of enterprises under the current corporate income tax preferential tax rate, known as: profit tax.

6. How to use Excel to improve the accuracy of financial data.

7. Case analysis of risk control and error prevention in financial tax system.

Training Instructors:

Mr Zheng: Executive Finance Manager

Mr Zheng

Executive Finance Manager

Born in Ningbo, Zhejiang, majored in Corporate Finance and Tax Risk at Shanghai Jiaotong University, assists corporations of our customer operating their daily accounting operations and provide tax compliance services.


  • Financial Advice

  • Tax Policy Consultation

  • Tax Risk Management

  • Application of Preferential Policy

Louise: Manager of Accounting

Louise Chen

Manager of Accounting

Louise is a senior certified public accountant and has over 35 years’ experience of accounting and taxation and has strong relationships with local tax offices.

Her dream is going to travel all over the world with her families after retirement, as a matter of fact, she has traveled all over the country before 2012.

Before joining SMEs Service Center, Louise has worked in CCB ( China Construction Bank ) over 23 years at the Financial Settlement Department of Corporate Banking.

Amanda: Taxes Analyst


Taxes Analyst

Enterprise tax savings through tax exemption, tax reduction, tax refund, tax credit and other ways. Analyze the company’s operating status and budget implementation, assist in preparing the overall operating budget of the company, compile the budget draft prepared by various departments, monitor daily expenditure according to the budget, and assist budget manager to establish and improve the budget management system.

Training Object:

Business leaders, project leaders, finance and tax leaders, finance directors, tax managers, finance personnel and personnel of tax, accounting firms and financial consulting firms.

Training Time and Location:

On Friday, November 29, 2019, the policy training meeting is from 9 am to 5:30 pm.

Location: Room 19 F, Building 1, Sunto Square, No. 400 Tang Qiao Road. Metro (line 4), Tang Qiao Station, exit 4.

Registration Method:

You can link this page to contact our Events Assistant: Eve Wang, to get a registration and application form to attend the November Tax Policy Training.

November Tax Policy Training Notice |

You can link this page to contact our Events Assistant: Eve Wang, to get a registration and application form to attend the November Tax Policy Training.

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