Milestone & Story

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2001 Company Starts:

SMEsChina was founded in the most popular international trading and financial city Shanghai China on 29th July, 2001, and led by the largest corporate organization: China Chamber of Commerce and Industry with 3 directors. Mark ( Chief Registrar of Companies ) and Jing Chen ( Senior Registrar of Companies ), and Tom Zheng ( Executive Finance Manager ).

We saw huge market opportunities of forming corporations and corporate legal compliance services because more and more foreign investment enterprises and start-ups, SMEs started to establish companies and business entities in mainland China since the reforming and opening-up policies.

Also, we have experienced the hard journey of entrepreneurship, so we understand more about the mountains and puzzles of operating a business in the early stages of your business.

2004 Situations began to pick up:

Company was 12 staff as a local corporations service firm, and maintained a relatively small teams and business scale. With the acquisition of reinvestment from CCCI, SMEsChina continued to develop and grow from the resource of local business associations, chambers of commerce, and associations of foreign entrepreneurs. That moment SMEsChina realized the difficult journey of starting a business.

2009 Opportunities comes along:

Year of 2009 was an important milestone for all teams, SMEsChina won the TOP 3 corporation service firm from SAIC ( Shanghai Administration for Industry and Commerce ).

Meanwhile, SMEsChina expended our brands through ECF ( East China Fair ) and CF ( Canton Fair ). SMEsChina accumulated a large number of customer resources around the world and teams began to realize that our target should be focused on more small and medium enterprises and startups. And at the end of same year, SMEsChina voted by the committee of management and started strategic transformation for more target market.

2011 Best company Award on industrial level:

SMEsChina was authorized as Tax Risk Management and Comprehensive Enterprise Service Provider and was licensed to be public service platform to assist middle and small-sized enterprises registering business licenses, opening corporate accounts and tax training services. Meanwhile, teams were recognized as Revenue Risk Management Award certificated from The China Certified Tax Agents Association for our positive impact on the industry of corporate tax compliance.

And today, this award and recognition still helping SMEsChina acquiring new potential customers and orders through different conferences of tax risk management. As the designated by tax office for taxation and accounting training institution, SMEsChina is offering accountants and personalized services to local small and medium sized enterprises.

2015 Diligence and courage with 15 years:

All of the achievements as a result of our solidarity for SMEsChina, our service system has expanded more comprehensive solutions for different enterprise customization. And with the establishment of inside partnership alliance and customers care center, our focus began moving more value enhancement and additional services.

Also 2015 as a beginning of new journey, SMEsChina began to cooperate with global law firms, CPA firms and corporations, organizations and financial institutions to establish outside partnership alliance to provide assistance to global customers.

2017 Getting better and better:

2017, 1st January, SMEsChina Teams joined the integrity convention organization as the member of the first council held by the Chinese Association of CPA and the Association of Enterprise Registration Agents and participated in the drafting and amendment of the provisions of the Integrity Convention and agree to accept the supervision of the social credit system.

2018 Improving business environment:

“China has completed its largest and longest taxation reform since 1998 and through implementing policies to expand the scope of value added tax for all companies established in mainland China.”The magazine of UK Economists said.

Since 2012, China government taken the lead with the pilot to replace business tax with VAT. Released lots of tax policies for exemption of VAT for small scale taxpayers and greatly reduce the corporate income tax for profits of companies. SMEsChina deeply felt numerous companies from different countries eager to enter China market. China government is encouraging and developing foreign companies to invest in China.

The best Chinese business environment coming along…

2019 125+ staffs and 6 branch offices:

Today, over 47 million companies have established in mainland China and more than 3.5 million new enterprises are registered each year. Too many global brands and companies are planning forming local companies here. So SMEsChina also is changing our strategies and improving our service level.

But SMEsChina still remembers, we are a service corporation and we have never lost sight of our goals: Do not forget original intention so that you can make business easier and to be stronger.

SMEsChina chose building this online website ( ) as the platform of business registration system to publish latest policies, regulations and information, through our online consultants, lawyers to better guide more entrepreneurs and startups to obtain the knowledge of Chinese business registration,  regulations and rules of companies incorporation.

Happy Teams and Customers:


Proud of witnessing the great development of Chinese foreign enterprises and SMEs.

SMEsChina was founded in 2001 and led by the largest corporate organization CCCI ( China Chamber of Commerce and Industry ), SMEsChina has assisted thousands of major corporations, middle and small-sized enterprises, startups to bring their brands, originality, technologies and innovative products, ideas and strategy plannings to mainland China market and a lots of complex issues were solved by our experts with excellent experience and great relationship from different government administration department offices.

As is known to all, China is a fast growing economic engine, and with the improving business environment is telling all entrepreneurs around the word that China has enough courage and confidence to face the complex current economic situations, so simplifying the rules and regulations of business registration system is the most effective measure to attract more foreign enterprises investing here and offering more employment opportunities.

So why SMEsChina is building a better platform with easily procedure for global enterprises to assist them making progress together, starting businesses quickly and comfortably by online consultants of SMEsChina Teams.