Selecting a Company Type

If you wish incorporating a business in mainland China, you can ask SMEsChina any questions, our online teams and consultants will do our best to answer your queries and this page is designed to provide global customers helpful guidance on different types of company in terms of Chinese enterprise laws and regulations. Selecting an appropriate type as reference from below guidance. OK, Let’s Get Started.

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Requirements of Company Incorporation

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Frequently Asked Questions

First you have to select a type of company, most types can apply for international trading licenses with import and export business activities, but 2 types can not do that, like branch office, representative office.

According to Chinese taxation laws and rules, all company types have to report incomes and expenses each month and quarterly profits details to local tax office, then can obtain taxpayer credit record to attend annual inspection.

If you are planing to establish a business entity in Mainland China, as a foreign company you have to decide to choose a corporate name ( both languages ), set up registered capital, list business activities, structure of incorporation and prepare related documents of identification, our guidance has listed everything, whatever your industry is.

Before your learning from this guidance, we suggest you deciding a company type first, depending on different structure of shareholder and corporate types. You can find out a right corporate type for your decision.

If you have everything to start up a business in China, you may contact our teams to obtain a Proposal includes schedule, timeline of government approval and list of requirement to get started through our assistance.

Any person can be the appointed as the legal representative under the LLP structure and other company types, if you are the director, shareholder, or employee, its your decision, legal representative known as executive director and appointed by shareholder(s). But legal representative can not be the supervisor under same group.

According to the latest industrial and commercial regulations of China companies,you need registering a company type depends on different enterprise structures, you may read the following introducing to compare and find difference for forming a Chinese company.

You have to apply for some legal files issued by China embassy in your home country, suggest you getting in touch with our teams to get a standard Proposal for requirements.

That’s it. All required documents have been listed by this web for your Chinese company registration. If you want to hire a foreign staff for your Chinese company, this staff has to prepare other notarized and authenticated documents. Normally include 2 required documents, certificate of education, and certificate of no criminal records.

1). Shareholder(s), can be individuals ( 16 age at least ) or existed enterprises ( legally registered in China or other countries ).
2). Legal representative and supervisor, 16 age at least, can provide a valid and legal identification. No nationality restrictions.
3). Finance manager must be a Chinese who has obtained the certificate of accounting qualification.

Depends on what industry you want to set up, most of general businesses can use a virtual registered address to obtain company licenses and corporate bank account, but some special industries and corporate types must use a physical office to obtain approval, such as representative office, or a coffee shop, a food retail store, as well as special industries like: liquor wholesale, restaurant, laboratory and so on.

No standard answers for this question from our experience. Because each country has different situations, SMEsChina thinks visiting embassy office is the most effective solution for getting files quickly and simply, also you can sign an appointment letter and ask one friend, family to apply for the documents. If need to interview with an official, you may contact a Chinese functionary in advance through embassy’s website.