Register a Chinese Partnership Limited Company VS Individual Households and Sole Traders? Have you decided to use which one as the local business entity?

What is Individual Household and Sole Trader?

As an individual household and sole trader in mainland China that they have less prestige and most of clients, customers and suppliers do not want trading with individual household and sole trader. China enterprises owners prefer to deal with legal registered Chinese limited company whatever they are WFOE, domestic company or partnership enterprises. The main disadvantage of a individual household or sole trader is no actual investment capital and so much of individual traders do not have any office and employee.

Why choose registering a Chinese limited company like partnership enterprises or wholly foreign owned enterprises?

1. Good corporate structure and risks of liabilities
2. Legal registered address and fixed office
3. Perfect credit record and taxpayer degree
4. Can issue VAT invoice
5. Can apply for import and export licenses
6. Can apply for any special permits
7. Can open multiple of bank accounts
8. Good social insurance record for employees
9. Can hire foreign staff and help them obtaining residence permits

So for limited companies there maybe at risk of losing contracts and the business deal will face to fail. If you intend procuring goods or technical products or consulting services from individual households and sole traders, you need thinking carefully about the real risks when you deciding dealing with them. Unlike the limited companies need minimum capital requirement and as the assurance to clients, individual households and sole traders do not need the minimum capital required.

If you are planing to start register a local limited liability company, you may get in touch with our online consultants.

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First we suggest you reading a simple guide page right now : 20 Days Registration of LLC in China, and another page is also information about : Compliance Documents of Partnership of Setting up a Partnership.

From most cases to set up a Chinese company you need to prepare the following information

1. Your company name
2. Shareholders and legal representative and supervisor
3. The investment capital
4. Business activities and scope
5. Registered address

Sure, there are no restrictions for foreigners to be the owners, and as the shareholders you also have the rights to appoint any person from any countries as the legal representative and supervisor, director. If you intend to visit China during the process of company registration, you can bring original passport and we will take you to local government checking passport. If you do not want to come here in person, you can issue notarized passport from China embassy in your country.

There are many special products and services from different industries regulated and supervised by local government departments in mainland China, for example medical equipment, food businesses and alcohol trading, dangerous chemical, travel agencies, personnel Intermediaries, real estate agencies, education training and so on. You may ask for our consultants checking the foreign enterprises laws for your details business scope and activities.

Chinese companies laws only allow individuals as the directors or legal representative, domestic companies or foreign enterprises can not be the director or legal representative. And supervisors and directors can provide the copies of passports, but the shareholders and legal representative must submit the original passports to local government checking or you can issue notarized and authenticated passports copies from China embassies.

Mandatory provisions for any companies and enterprises who want to register limited companies, must be appointed by board of shareholders, only one individual / person can be appointed as the legal representative. And only individuals can be the legal representative and need submit this person’s passport to bank checking then can be accepted to open a bank account.

After you prepared all legal documents and files, we will send you official forms of company formation by international courier like DHL, FedEx, etc. And we received your signed documents we will provide to local government checking at once, total timing around 5 working days will obtain approval and government will issue you the business license.

Sorry, you can not type or print the English name on your business license and others permits, although all Chinese business license and certification of business registration, or special industries permits must type and print Chinese language. But China government departments allow foreign enterprises make an English name on the company stamp to deal with international market and transactions.

Chinese banks and departments have the rights to check any nationalities and credit record, if your passport put into black names list, banks and governments office maybe refuse your application and inform you submitting more additional documents and information to complete the whole process of company registration.

If all legal Chinese documents have submitted to local government, sorry for that you can not change any information for your company establishment. So you must think carefully about your corporate structure and register information.

Yes, of course. Through our services packages you can rent a legal registered address and use it to submit to government checking, and our available office addresses solutions also can help you received letters, mails from government departments offices.

Sure, in fact if a limited company be incorporated and local accountants must begin to do the taxation registration and open a bank account for your China company, and this accountant will go to tax and bank office on behalf of your China limited company, and report the required information and files to different departments, like VAT registration, invoice issuing, invoice machine application, credit degree registration of taxpayers, etc.

We providing a wide range of company services to global clients and enterprises, and after they completed the company incorporation we also offering other enterprises services to our customers, here we briefly make a list of packages services as following:

1. Tax Registration and VAT application
2. Provide assistance of opening local bank accounts
3. Change services for registered information and licenses
4. Monthly accounting services and annual financial reporting
5. Employment and social insurance, payrolls and individual tax
6. Government inspection, auditing and yearly settlement reporting
7. Registration for Trademarks, patents and intellectual properties
8. Virtual address and office services and company secretaries services
9. Assist foreign staff to get legal residence permits and health examination
10. Various certifications of business registration for special industries

Non trading businesses only can do consulting and services activities, but trading company can do international trading and domestic trading businesses and need you applying for the import and export licenses then your products can through out all ports in mainland China.

1. Company taxes
Monthly VAT ( Value Added Tax ) for trading and consulting services
Quarterly corporate income tax according to profits each quarter
Yearly inspection and auditing, Annual financial settlement
Additional taxes : city construction tax, additional tax of education, channel management tax, cultural tax

2. Taxes for owners / shareholders
Benefits of shareholders, need to pay dividend tax after your China company made profits.

3. Taxes of employee
Individual taxes for payrolls, formula of calculation is different for Chinese and foreign staff and according to the amounts each month.

4. Taxes of International trading
Import VAT and the Customs clearance tax
Export VAT refund and the Customs clearance tax

If you want to know more details about your taxes of Chinese limited companies, you can contact our accountants and CPAs.

Other than the addition to report the taxes records each month and quarter, if you would like keeping a legal position for your limited company, you must provide the annual financial settlement and inspection reporting to local government, and meanwhile must submit the auditing of last year of Chinese enterprises. If you do not submit these files in time, Chinese government will put your company into the black name list.

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