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Verification of legal representative and corporate account via video interview. Once you submit the required documents to local bank for opening a corporate bank account, here, you may refer to the following FAQs to interview with bank officials easily, here includes ICBC’s frequently asked questions for your further studies.

Q: What’s your name, and your passport number, and nationality?
A: My name is ***, passport ID is **** my nationality is ***.

Q: What’s your company name? and Registered number is?
A: My company name in English is: *** Limited Company, My company name in Chinese is:***, registered number is: 913100****, I have got the business license from local supervised department in July 15th.

Q: Your contact number is?
A: My oversea office contact number is ***, my Chinese number is:**** (if do not have Chinese phone number, can use local employee’s phone number, or agent’s phone number).

Q: What’s your company’s business activities?
A: My Chinese company does business consulting, and management consulting services, also provides ****.

Q: Do you have local office?
A: Yes, my company address localed in Shanghai China, address is ***.

Q: If the application paper and risk warning paper were your signature?
A: Yes.

Q: Are you aware that you may face legal liability for leasing, lending, or selling bank accounts in connection with crimes committed in the telecommunications network?
A: Yes, I know.

Q: Do you agree to the verification authorization of mobile phone number? In the process of processing by our bank, the information network verification system will be used to match and inquire the ID information and mobile phone number you provided?
A: Yes.

Q: What’s your main purpose of the corporate bank account?
A: To operate daily businesses and transactions.

Q: Is the bank agent your company’s financial staff?
A: Yes.

Q: Who will use the internet banking of ICBC?
A: Myself.

Q: Do you have any transactions with ICBC before?
A: Yes, I have, or. I don’t have before.

Q: If you agree ICBC staff visit your local office address?
A: Sure, welcome, our address is *****.

Q: Why don’t you come into China to open the bank account?
A: Because the COVID, as a foreigner, it’s too hard to visit China, future, once the virus better, I’m happy to visit Shanghai China and grow up my businesses.

Q: What functions of banking you want to set up?
A: I am ***, the legal representative of ** company, I am applying for opening a basic RMB account for my Chinese company in ICBC, Since I can not come to the bank in person, I authorize my company agent as my representative to apply for the basic account on behalf of my company, I confirm that it is my true will. Also, due to the daily operations and need to run the businesses in mainland China, I apply for the online internet banking need to operate daily transactions.

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