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Brief of Chinese Offshore Companies

Since the reform and opening up, China has made great achievements in attracting foreign investment and oversea enterprises. January 29th, 2019, Chinese government issued a new Foreign Investment Act. It demonstrates China’s sincerity and determination to open wider to the outside world and welcome, protect and encourage foreign investment enterprises to bring technologies, ideas, brands, products in our fast-growing market.

Offshore companies registration in Mainland China becomes the most effective approach, through forming virtual companies and online offshore banking to operate daily transactions wherever you are. Specially oversea small and medium enterprises eager to enter China market to obtain more opportunities of development. Here, SMEsChina teams providing a series of solution for setting up an offshore company in mainland China.

Let’s have an in-depth understanding of registration of offshore corporations with reasonable and lower costs.

What is a Chinese virtual company

– No capital injecting requirements
– Legal virtual registered address
– Virtual share office services
– Local secretary, operation services
– No need to be here personally
– Open online banking accounts
– Mails and files forwarding
– Open online e-commerce platforms
– Deliver local advertisement

What we do:

Done Online + Docs Verifying + Quick Response + Trustworthy

Our professional consultants assist you completing the whole process of offshore company registration within 20 working days. You have to prepare required documents certificated by China embassy in your home country’s branch, according to your structure.

Our lawyers and experts providing customized services to our customers and process completed smoothly through our practical experience. We target global enterprises, foreign brands and entrepreneurs, to be a reliable Chinese partner help you running and maintaining a business. You have to learn our posted guidance Foreign Company Incorporation Requirements to collect required documents for your company registration.

Viewpoints of Offshore Companies in China

View 1 Traditional Commerce VS Offshore Business

Corporate structure designed by your decision, flexible settings of China companies.

1. Traditional commerce, you have to choose a physical office to operate daily transactions and hire local staff to assist you growing up businesses. If you have absolute confidence and expanding business here, this is the best selection.

2. Offshore company, as preliminary market researching, you may outsource all administrative affairs to an independent their party, such as, office and registered address, human resources, recruitment, bank, foreign exchange, accounting and bookkeeping, government annual inspection, files forwarding, local e-commerce platforms opening, advertising etc.

If you are testing or sounding out the local Chinese market and eager to get feedback from your Chinese customers, set up an offshore company is the best approach because it’s a virtual business with cheaper investment costs instead of real capital injecting. SMEsChina is providing offshore companies registration services to global enterprises, entrepreneurs, start ups through our professional teams and experts.

View 2 Qualification of Offshore Companies

1. Information to assist you report corporate taxes to China Revenue, all Chinese business entities and enterprises ( even though they are actual entities or virtual companies, offshore corporations ) must register taxation system and report monthly VAT records, and quarterly profits tax, and other taxes ( such as, advertisement tax, personal tax, construction tax, etc. ). As a local Chinese offshore company, you may choose a different qualification of taxpayer depending on your industrial requirements.

2. Structure of an offshore company, you can select and decide key structure for your China company ( such as, shareholder(s), executive director, supervisor, general manager, etc. ) Depending on your interests.

3. Apply for a qualification of international trading businesses of the system of registration of the Customs, an offshore company also may choose to register import and export permits and licenses, keys of electronic ports from the local Customs.

4. Qualification of general taxpayer, if you need, you may apply for registering an additional qualification for corporate VAT certificated by local tax revenue.

View 3 Offshore Financial Center for RMB

For promoting internationalization strategy of RMB around the world and accelerating the flow of capital and forward to the progress of internationalization of RMB, and mitigating exchange rate risks effectively. Report of the 19th CPC national congress and the declaration of the meeting of APEC came up with the new standards and targets with a new opportunity once in a blue moon which explore and promote the establishment of ‘One Belt And One Road international offshore center’ is the powerful nation strategy and major program of lasting importance for development of the People’s Republic of China ( PRC ). Through establishing free trade zones and economic areas, One Belt and one Road strategies to encourage and attract international natural persons or corporate entities doing offshore businesses to promote local economic development.

View 4 Registration of China Offshore Companies

1. Choose an available corporate brand name includes both languages ( Chinese and English ), e.g. ABC Consultants ( China ) Limited, or ABC Architectural Consultation ( Shanghai ) Ltd. Learn more: Company Name Requirements
2. Have a registered address ( Chinese registered address must be a commercial business address, cannot be home or apartment address ). Your offshore company in mainland China can use our virtual registered address and secretary forwarding services to obtain certificates of business registration.
3. Prepare requirements and fill in official forms of application of registration.
4. Sign a series of required legal files and appointment documents in terms of your corporate structure.
5. Submit all signed documents to local markets and supervision departments through SMEsChina’s assistance.
6. Obtain an official business license and company seals.
7. Open a corporate bank account and internet banking system.
8. Register corporation tax system and certification of qualification of general taxpayer.
9. If your Chinese offshore businesses include international transactions, you have to register import and export licenses and permits.

View 5 Process of Establishing an Offshore Company

According to above view 4, whole procedure needs 20 working days of registering a company in mainland China, if you want to open a local corporate bank account or import and export licenses and permits for your international businesses, needs an additional process with 10 workdays. From our experience, an offshore company can be registered easily and quickly, but some special industries need extra works of application to complete the whole procedure. You may contact our experts to know that if your business belongs to special supervision.

View 6 Latest Implemented Policies of Taxation

Chinese corporate taxes include:
1. Income tax in terms of income records from corporate transactions.
2. Addition taxes include: city construction tax, additional tax of education, river comprehensive management tax in terms of the amount of VAT.
3. Corporate income tax ( known as profits tax ) in terms of the quarterly profits of corporations.
4. Construction tax on cultural undertakings depends on VAT aims at advertising industry.
5. Personal tax depends on monthly salaries for corporate staff.
6. The Customs duties in terms of HS code.Because the complex taxes system depends on different industries and business activities in mainland China, if you want to get more tax policies and guidance, suggest you contacting our online CPAs to understand and learn.

FAQs of Establishing Offshore Companies

Chinese register system and regulations are changing and reforming, more and more foreign brands intend to open the Chinese market with their products and technologies. Offshore company ( known as virtual company ), it’s the cheapest and most effective approach to create ideas, and test your customer’s feedback and sound out the local market in mainland China. About the benefits and advantages of PRC, you know, here is a huge consumer market if you interested in bringing your ideas.

An OSA ( offshore account )will be opened easily and quickly within 7 – 10 working days in mainland China. Because you have obtained a notarized passport, so do not need to come here complete the process opening a corporate account. Once the bank account approved, we will courier you-keys of internet banking to your oversea office and you can set up the password by yourself. You can operate daily offshore business and transactions anytime, any places.

Legal existed or registered China companies may hire local or foreign staff through the social security service center and the immigration office. Local citizens can be approved easily and quickly if you are a local registered enterprise or offshore company, if hire foreign staff, you have to ask him ( or her ) to apply for notarized documents ( no criminal certification and educational certificate ) from China embassy, and other required documents, such as CV, working certificates issued by previous employer(s) and submit to immigration office to obtain working permit(s) and residence visa.

1. Basic information about business registration includes: company name, company registered capital, registered address, business scope ( activities ).
2. List of a legal representative, directors, general managers, shareholders, supervisors.
3. Certificates of shareholders or foreign business entities ( issued by foreign supervision department of business registration ).

1. You have to set up shareholder(s) first, 1 person at least.
2. You must appoint one individual as the executive director ( legal representative ).
3. You must appoint one person to be the supervisor.
Other key corporate structure depending on your decision, such as finance manager, general manager, cashier, senior secretary etc. You may get in touch with our team and obtain an official form of application of registration, we will make a list for required documents you have to prepare and collect.

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