Marine engineering business scope for your reference when you setting up a Chinese ship engineering company and submit company registration files to local registry supervision offices.

Following includes 10 reference of the business activities of marine engineering company for your studies.

Ship outfitting and repair, ship fittings manufacturing, installation and repair, steel structure manufacturing and installation, equipment installation, cargo handling in port areas, road cargo transportation (except dangerous chemicals).

Ships and Marine equipment, Marine engineering equipment, Marine fishery equipment design, development, sales, repair, modification, repair, modification limited branch operation), fishing vessel equipment, ocean engineering, ship and port equipment in the field of technology development, technology transfer, technical services, technical advice, construction project supervision service, port and waterway construction engineering construction, mechanical and electrical installation construction engineering construction, construction engineering construction decoration design and construction of the rivers renovation construction engineering construction, its own equipment leasing, mechanical equipment, electrical and mechanical equipment sales, engaged in goods and technology import and export business.

Marine engineering, technology development, technology transfer, technology consulting and technology services in the field of Marine technology, ship repair (except fishing boats), cleaning services, Marine accessories, mechanical and electrical equipment, metal products, engaged in the import and export of goods and technology.

Engaged in Marine engineering in the field of technology development, technology consultation, technology transfer, technical services, Marine professional construction project construction, Marine dredging engineering, bridge engineering contracting, port and coastal engineering specialized contracting, construction and installation project (with the exception of special equipment), construction of building decoration engineering construction, transit trade, third-party logistics services (except the transport), e-commerce (shall not be engaged in value-added telecom, financial), engaged in goods and technology import and export business, building materials, packaging materials, mechanical equipment, Marine equipment and spare parts, fuel oil (except dangerous goods), chemical products (except for dangerous chemicals, MCC, smoke Flower firecracker, civil explosives, precursor chemicals), electronic products, household appliances, office supplies, metal materials and products (except specifically charged), daily provisions, auto parts, rubber products, the sale of the ship, ship leasing, machinery and equipment leasing (except financial leasing), industrial investment, venture investment, investment management, asset management, investment consulting, business consulting.

Public security engineering, Marine engineering, mechanical and electrical equipment, mechanical equipment installation, maintenance, engaged in the (vessels, software) technology in the field of technology development, technology consulting, technology services, technology transfer, and its own equipment leasing, pipeline engineering, building decoration construction engineering construction, marine equipment and accessories, electrical and mechanical equipment and accessories, machinery and equipment, daily provisions, instruments and meters, ordinary labor protection supplies, office equipment and supplies, building decoration materials, wire and cable, lighting equipment, communications equipment, sales.

Ship accessories manufacturing, processing (limited branch operation) above, repair, cold-rolled sheet metal (limited branch operation), kitchen equipment, gas appliances, electric hot water boiler, electric steam rice machine, stainless steel kitchen utensils, stainless steel products, ventilation equipment manufacturing, processing (limited branch operation) above, installation, maintenance, refrigeration equipment installation, maintenance, stainless steel products, home appliances, electronic products, kitchen equipment, gas appliances wholesale, retail, cleaning service.

Engaged in Marine engineering technology in the field of technology development, technology consulting, technology services, technology transfer, Marine equipment and accessories, electrical and mechanical equipment and accessories of installation, maintenance, processing (limited branch operation), wholesale, retail, fire control facilities construction engineering design and construction, mechanical and electrical construction engineering construction, metal materials, steel products, stainless steel products wholesale, retail.

Ship engineering, engaged in the field of ship science and technology technology development, technical services, technical consulting, technology transfer, ship equipment manufacturing, processing, wholesale, retail, installation, maintenance, ship repair.

Marine equipment installation, and Marine equipment manufacturing, processing (limited branch operation) above, wholesale, retail, maintenance, Marine power distribution boxes, electrical equipment, power transmission and distribution equipment, fasteners manufacturing, processing (limited branch operation) above, installation, maintenance, wholesale, retail, steel structure manufacturing, processing (limited branch operation) above, is engaged in Marine equipment technology in the field of technology development, technical advice, technical services, technology transfer, engineering construction, steel structure construction machinery equipment and accessories, electrical and mechanical equipment and accessories wholesale, retail.

Engaged in technical development, technical consultation, technical services, technology transfer, ship decoration, steel structure construction engineering construction, graphic design, production, ship parts, instruments, mechanical and electrical equipment, electrical equipment, mechanical equipment wholesale, retail.

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