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louise manager of accounting

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Louise: Manager of Accounting

Louise Chen: Born in Shanghai, China

Position: General Manager of Accounting Department

Louise is a senior certified public accountant and has over 35 years’ experience of accounting and taxation and has strong relationships with local tax offices.

Her dream is going to travel all over the world with her families after retirement, as a matter of fact, she has traveled all over the country before 2012.

Before joining SMEs Service Center, Louise has worked in CCB ( China Construction Bank ) over 23 years at the Financial Settlement Department of Corporate Banking.

2007, September. She was invited to as the chief tax training officer at the accounting department to improve the tax knowledge and service level of the whole finance team.

2010, February, The Chinese New Year, Louise was voted to be The Best Tax Leader of our center. At the same year, she was appointed as General Managerof Accounting Department.

Up to now, Louise has helped over 3,500 local companies and foreign owned enterprises to build tax compliance risk management mechanism, and her students are in all walks of life and hold key positions.