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6 branch offices and over 125 staffs with our excellent team members since 2001. We look after your daily operations confidently by our experienced teams, and assist you to jump into the Chinese market smoothly when you decide to operate a private business here.


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    Branch Locations

    • Min Hang Branch Office:

      Room 1404, Building 1, No. 1505 Lianhang Road. Corporate Park, Metro (line 8).

    • Feng Xian Branch Office:

      Room 22F, Building 1, South International Plaza, No. 7777 South Feng Road. Metro (line 5), Fengxian New City Station, exit 3.

    • Pu Dong Branch Office:

      Room 19 F, Building 1, Sunto Square, No. 400 Tang Qiao Road. Metro (line 4), Tang Qiao Station, exit 4.

    • Jing An Branch Office:

      Room 1607, New Era Building, No. 188 Wu Jiang Road. Metro (line 2), Nanjing West Road Station, exit 2.

    • Free Trade Zone Branch Office:

      Room 913, Building 1, Harbour City Building, No. 819 The West Road. Metro (line 16), Dishui Lake Station, exit 2.

    • Zha Bei Branch Office:

      Room 1101, Guanhua Building, No. 1302 Goughexin Road. Metro (line 1), North Zhongshan Road Station, exit 1.

    Service Departments

    • Registration Department:

      Provides company formation, licenses/permits services, locations: Pu Dong and Feng Xian branches. Email:

    • Finance Department:

      Provides daily accounting and bookkeeping services, location: Pu Dong branch. Email:

    • Legal Department:

      Provides legal compliance and consulting services, locations: Fengxian and Jingan branches. Email:

    • Support Department:

      Supports customer’s daily operations and corporate affairs, locations: Jingan and Minhang branches. Email:

    • Operation Department:

      Provides the preparation of documents and submit to local supervised government offices, locations: Free trade zone and Zhabei branches. Email:

    • Immigration Department:

      Provides the residence permit services and visa documents submitting, location: Zhabei and Pudong branches, email:

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