To create an international business environment featuring market and rule of law for all types of market entities.

China will create a relaxed and convenient market access environment.

In 2019, 23.77 million new market entities were set up in China, with 20,000 new enterprises set up every day, a new high.

Xiao yaqing said that people used to talk about promoting the facilitation of “business registration”, but now they talk about promoting the facilitation of “business start-up”.

Xiao yaqing introduced, around the needs and expectations of enterprises and the masses, the market supervision department earnestly fulfill the leading responsibility, with other departments vigorously promote the compression of the enterprise start-up time, optimize the process, promote the application of electronic business license, electronic invoice and electronic seal, and actively promote the enterprise start-up process online.

At present, the average time for a national enterprise to set up is less than five working days. According to the world bank’s doing business report, China ranks 31st out of 190 economies in terms of overall business environment, ranking 27th in terms of starting a business.

Grassroots and enterprises report that it is more convenient for enterprises to get business licenses, but they still face the problem of “access is not allowed to camp” and “it is easy to get licenses”. Xiao yaqing said that in response to this problem, market regulators are working with relevant departments to deepen access reform, improve the efficiency of registration approval, further cut down on cumbersome, convenient and beneficial.

Corporate access is looser. The reform to separate permits and permits has been piloted to cover all 18 pilot free trade zones, further resolving the problem of “access to the market”. Easier access to products. The number of categories of industrial product production licenses has been reduced from 24 to 10, 31 products will no longer be subject to mandatory certification, and 27 products will become self-declared by enterprises.

“In 2020, we will promote the full online process of business start-up, further reducing the start-up time.” Xiao said the regulations on improving the business environment should be implemented, approval procedures should be further streamlined, market access barriers should be lowered and institutional barriers to investment should be removed.

Maintain a fair and orderly market competition environment

“At present, the market environment of fair competition has become a key factor affecting enterprises’ confidence in investment and development.” Xiao yaqing said.

Xiao yaqing, the general administration of market supervision to assume the responsibility of the anti-monopoly law enforcement. In September 2019, the general administration of market regulation promulgated three departmental regulations, including the interim provisions on the prohibition of monopoly agreements.

“When investigating abuse of dominant market position, anti-monopoly law enforcement agencies should treat all operators equally.” Xiao yaqing said that the principle of treating domestic and foreign capital, state-owned and private enterprises, large companies and small and medium-sized enterprises alike is conducive to enhancing mutual trust between law enforcement agencies and all parties and creating a fair market environment for competition.

“We need to focus on boosting the confidence of domestic and foreign enterprises, study how to further safeguard fair competition in the market and create a fair and orderly market competition environment.” ‘on the one hand, we will step up competition law enforcement and make it a top priority to regulate the behavior of enterprises, especially government departments, public institutions and monopolized industries that distort fair competition,’ Mr. Xiao said. On the one hand, we will further send a signal of equal access, fair competition and fair regulation to stabilize market expectations and enhance the confidence of all types of enterprises in investment.

“Fair competition in the market is an important guarantee for efficient economic operation.” Xiao yaqing said that the next step to study the market environment emerging new conditions and new problems, to strengthen law enforcement in key areas.

In strengthening law enforcement of prices, the implementation of pork supply and price stability measures; In terms of improving anti-monopoly law enforcement, we will strengthen anti-monopoly law enforcement in areas related to people’s livelihood, such as bulk drugs and public utilities. In terms of strengthening law enforcement on the Internet and advertising, special actions have been carried out to regulate the Internet market and maintain the order of online transactions. In terms of strengthening law enforcement on consumer rights, we will improve the consumer protection system, and step up efforts to combat consumer fraud, infringement of personal information, and the use of prepaid CARDS.

Cleaning up and remedying enterprises involved in illegal charges for enterprises to reduce the burden.

Since 2019, market regulators have conducted price inspections on enterprises, electricity and other sectors, ordering them to refund 1.36 billion yuan in overcharged prices to reduce operating costs in the real economy.

Xiao yaqing said, at present, the enterprise charges too much, the burden is excessive, the charge is not standard, unreasonable high prices and other problems still exist. For example, some fees related to enterprises are implied in intermediary services of administrative examination and approval; Enterprise operation behavior is mixed with administrative behavior, some units use administrative power and influence to collect fees in disorder; There is a lack of market competition in some areas, and some enterprises and units charge high standards by virtue of their dominant position.

Xiao yaqing said, on the one hand to enhance the transparency of enterprise charges, put an end to all kinds of illegal charges, effectively achieve zero “arbitrary charges”, let the government’s tax reduction and fee reduction policy play a greater effect, let enterprises see real changes. On the one hand, we should combine the management of fees and charges related to enterprises with the deepening of the reform of “delegating control and services”, which is conducive to promoting the system governance and solving the “red top intermediary” and other chronic diseases.

Xiao yaqing says, reduce duty to reduce cost, not be to collect fees project to reduce simply, cost is reduced, the key is to promote the standardization that involves enterprise to collect fees management, rule of law is changed, let involve enterprise to collect fees behavior to have a rule, be supervised, can evaluate, let enterprise pay expenses clearly.

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