Industrial Integrity Convention

Industrial Integrity Convention supervised by Market Supervision and Administration and State Administration of Taxation of The People’s Republic. In accordance with the latest implemented regulations and rules on < The State Council on the Issuance of Social Credit System Construction Program Outline > and < Regulations on the Administration of Credit Investigation >.

In order to actively guide social forces to participate in the construction industry credit and credit supervision and assistance in key areas “black and red list” determination, credit evaluation, classification regulation, credit repair training, on the one hand to keep safety, on the one hand to fully meet the credit service “with the letter” demand, make credit services to infiltrate every aspect of social life. To promote our country’s credit legislation construction, strengthen the law means, dissolve the credit information from the top-level design main body lack of rights and interests protection mechanism, and trustworthy combined incentives and faithless combined punishment mechanism is not sound, the market trading of credit information asymmetry, “bad money after bad money”, for the social credit system construction.

2017, 1st January. The convention of industry in areas of Chinese enterprise service industry held by the Chinese Association of CPA and the Association of Enterprise Registration Agents was officially launched in Shanghai China.

SMEsChina Teams actively joined the integrity convention organization as the member of the first council. We agree to the content of the convention, and voluntarily join the convention organization conference, and commit to abide by all provisions of the convention, accept supervision and Implementation of the convention.

Content of Industrial Integrity Convention:

1. To strengthen industrial integrity convention of Chinese enterprise service industry, regulating the behavior of Enterprise Registration Agents Industry and CPA Standards, to strengthen industry self-discipline, maintain the overall interests of the industry, to create “integrity management, fair competition, standard practice” industry atmosphere, improve the image of the industry as a whole, promote the China corporation service industry healthy and orderly development, formulates this convention.

2. This convention applies to the member units and their practitioners of corporate compliance services which have signed and undertake to abide by this convention voluntarily.

3. The member units that sign this convention must abide by this convention consciously, accept the supervision of this association, and accept the punishment decision made by this association according to the prescribed procedure.

4. Abide by business ethics and market rules, and follow the principle of fair competition, consciously maintain the order of the industry, mutual support, solidarity and cooperation. Follow the principles of “law abiding, independent, objective and fair” to promote the healthy and orderly development of the China company and enterprise services industry.

5. Adhere to good faith management, contracting, according to law to develop 3rd party service agency business, maintain the overall interests and reputation of company and enterprise services industry.

6. Honesty and integrity first, abide by tax laws and relevant laws and regulations, abide by professional ethics, fulfill their duties, diligence and responsibility.

7. Filing compliance, compliance with local government departments, legal submission of enterprise information.

8. Organize, review, translate and fill in the documents, paperwork, reports, forms and submit the compliance documents in terms of the National Unified System.

9. According to the accounting data and relevant tax-related data provided by the customers, handle the tax declaration business in accordance with the relevant tax laws and regulations.

10. The commercial information and materials of the client that it knows shall be kept confidential. Without the consent of the client, it shall not seek profits for itself or others.

11. Clarify the rights and obligations of both parties, and complete the agency matters in accordance with the agreements on time and quality.

12. Actively safeguard the rights and interests of the client, and shall not seek profits by fraud, deception or other improper means, nor shall it degrade or defame the client in any form.

13. Causing losses to the principals due to the liability of the service provider, assume corresponding liability for compensation according to relevant laws and regulations.

14. Ensure the smooth continuation of the entrusted matters by the principal, and shall not refuse to hand over the entrusted matters, or intentionally delay, artificially set up obstacles and passive confrontation during the handover process.

15. Peers should follow the principle of being both competitive and cooperative partners, respect each other, achieve mutual benefit and win-win results, consciously abide by market rules and maintain market order, and refrain from belittling or denigrating other peer institutions in any form.

16. Shall not obtain business information of other peer institutions by improper means to win customers. Do not use employees of other institutions in the same industry to win customers for yourself.

17. The flow of personnel between the industry, should abide by the principle of fair competition, shall not obtain customers, business information and information technology and other purposes to dig other peer institutions staff.

18. Employing employees of other institutions in the same industry, Within one year, the employee shall not undertake the commission business of the clients served by the employee in the original organizations or previous employers.

19. The organization, members and employees should consciously abide by the provisions of this convention and accept the management and supervision of the association. Where units and individuals find services violating the convention, they may take the initiative to report and complain to the association.

20. The trade self-regulatory committee under the association is responsible for the management and supervision of the implementation of this convention. The behaviors suspected of violating this convention shall be investigated and verified by the “self-discipline committee of the industry”, and disciplinary decisions shall be made according to the provisions of this convention, which shall be included in the credit files of the industry.

21. The following disciplinary measures shall be implemented and recorded into the industry credit file.
– Admonish and educate;
– Make rectification within a prescribed time limit;
– Circulate a notice of criticism;
– Public censure;
– Suspension of membership;
– Membership cancellation;
– Apply for the competent department of business to rectify or cancel the qualification of certificate;
– If there is any illegal acts, it shall be handed over to relevant departments for investigation and punishment.

22. If a party refuses to accept the punishment more than 20 working days after the punishment decision made, it shall be deemed to have automatically withdrawn from this convention, and all its rights under this convention shall be taken back, and it shall be notified in the industry.

23. This convention is formulated by the council of the association and approved by the general meeting of the members.

24. This Industrial Integrity Convention shall come into force as of the date 1st, January of 2017.

Last, since the 18th national congress of the CPC, the central government has put forward a series of requirements for strengthening the construction of social credit system, which has entered a new stage, credit is the cornerstone of the market, market economy is the rule of law economy, is also a credit economy. Building a modern social credit system is the only way for the market economy to develop in depth.

We advocate, vigorously build an honest social environment of honor for those who keep faith, shame for those who lose it.