Brief of Incorporating an Internet Business as a China Company

Needn’t to report the capital verification and no hidden fees, you can start an internet business as a limited company registration easily and quickly through our online services. Standing in Shanghai international metropolis to highlight the strength and brands of a techlogoly company.

From October 2015, Shanghai local government carried out the new laws and rules of business license registration, integrate the business license, organization code certificate and the certificate of taxation registration into one legal license, no need to apply for the organization code certificate and tax registration certificate. We call it 5-in-1 business license, so the whole process of registering an internet business is easily.

Process of Open an Internet Limited Company

1. Specialist services for foreign organizations who want to register companies and assist them collecting required documents and information of corporate structure for their internet businesses.

2. Application for enterprise name in Chinese and English, after examined and approved from the local competent registration authorities, inform you to sign legal documents and official forms. Such as One of the largest internet companies in China, Tencent, is a registered name in China.

3. Get approval of company establishment from government departments around 5 working days, easily and comfortable completing the whole procedure of company registration.

4. Open a local bank account, and apply for the internet banking after you incorporating an internet business in China.

5. Tax registration, foreign enterprises must apply for taxpayer registration after done the company registration, and each month must report bookkeeping and accounting.

Our consultants offering professional customers enthusiastic services and selling prices, all application of opening a Chinese company and guidance will be done by our efficient and convenient online system.

You will know in the future that we would like to share our understanding, knowledge and inform the latest enterprises laws and policies to you, that is real reason why SMEsChina Group has so many clients from different countries and various industries they have established their own entities .

As a rule of thumb, there are many business scope and activities you can apply from local government in mainland China. From our experience, we can help foreign individual investors,holding companies and subsidiary corporations open and establish a Chinese local limited company as WFOE ( Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise ), FICE ( Foreign Invested Commercial Enterprise ) or JV ( Joint Venture ), Representative Office within 3-4 weeks.

However, there also have many limits and permission, special permits here, depending on the type of products and services that you are wanting to do in the future, there may be some additional work to be done in getting a special license for your trading and services businesses.

Keywords of setting up a IT company

Register Requirements: none
Corporate Structure: flexible
Market Access: openness
Industries: consultancies, services
Minimum Capital: 20,000 USD
Company Types: LLC, WFOE, LLP
Process: 20 working days
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Never mind, if your industry needs these extra and specific application and approval, we also can provide various efficient solutions.

Our corporate mission

SMEsChina teams helping clients starting up confidently and providing excellent experience for global entrepreneurs, and hope to establish long-term strategic cooperate relationship with foreign customers through our comprehensive range of services. And ultimately mutual development and grow up businesses together in China.

Services for foreign enterprises from various industries and fields

SMEsChina teams is providing a wide range of Chinese marketing entry advisory, incorporation, company formation, tax compliance, bookkeeping, payroll and accounting services, and virtual registered address, human resource services, work visa and residence permit for foreign staff, trademark registration, daily transactions services, due diligence, etc.

SMEsChina is a Chinese local government licensed Business Registration Laws Agency and international accounting management consultant firm established in 2001. We are assisting and offering foreign enterprises, organizations from all over the world they interested in entering China marketing, developing their businesses and expanding brands throughout mainland China.

SMEsChina has a excellent and professional team of lawyers, company formation advisers, accountants, trade consultants, and local legal professionals on the ground in mainland China. We are looking forward to hear from our potential customers, and don’t worry about our professional experience, ask any questions to our team please if you also eager to get more online guidance for your China business planning.

If you are planing to incorporate an internet business in mainland China, we trust, we will be the best choice for your IT businesses.

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Popular 9 Types of Companies and Organizational Forms

Step-by-step to Learn

The purpose of this guidance is to help foreign business entities, brands, companies getting more useful information to start the procedure of forming a company smoothly and comfortably. Before your decision on launching a business in Chinese market, you have to understand the key requirements, such as: naming rules, business scope, registered capital, corporate structure, required documents. You can learn everything from below guidance.

Startup Services for Global Entrepreneurs, Start-ups

Preparation of Business Planning, provides a powerful tool for start-up financing. Business plan includes company profile, history, industry analysis, competitors, company advantages, management teams, development plans, marketing plans, main financial data and forecast, financing purpose, valuation and financing methods, etc.

Incubation of Business Project, based on a thorough and comprehensive understanding of policies, assist enterprises to obtain various government support policies according to their own characteristics, so that enterprises can fully and effectively enjoy government policies and reduce their operating costs.

Start and Improve Your Business, give full play to the exemplary and leading role of high-tech enterprises, and help them use science and technology policies to reduce operating costs, improve competitiveness and achieve innovative development. At the same time, through legal knowledge publicity, help enterprises to strengthen the concept of law and discipline, effectively avoid the legal risks on the road to entrepreneurship.

Office Rent and Virtual Registered Address Services, conference room, VIP business reception, media interview room, book bar, coffee bar, self-service tea ceremony area, mobile classroom, talk room, etc. provides perfect space for enterprises to arrange business reception, undertake activities, staff communication, and create an atmosphere of resource sharing and integration in the same workplace.

Company Formation and Business License Registration, the senior business consultant explains the registration process and matters needing attention, and gives reasonable suggestions to entrepreneurs. At the same time to help startups to apply for business licenses, arrange professional experts to help enterprises obtaining registration certification efficiently and conveniently.

Enterprise Qualification Certification, providing professional, standard and comprehensive guidance and help for enterprises to apply for the identification of high-tech enterprises, so that enterprises do not have to be troubled by the cumbersome declaration process and numerous declaration materials, and can help enterprises significantly improve the success rate of declaration.

Tax Compliance and Bookkeeping, Payroll, review original vouchers, fill out accounting vouchers, register accounting books, prepare accounting statements, fill out tax returns and make tax returns. Small and medium-sized enterprises choose bookkeeping agency can reduce enterprise expenses, save accounting costs at the same time, enjoy a high level and standardized accounting service, improve accounting efficiency.

Ready to Start and Launch a Business in China? So Are We.

SMEsChina teams focus on the growth of enterprise and providing a variety of business solutions in the area of strategy consultancy, WFOE setting up services, business registration, company formation, incorporation of domestic invested enterprise, finance and audit services, HR and payroll, corporate bank account, resident permit, immigration and visa, trademarks and legal compliance.

China is attracting more and more foreign companies, SMEs,entrepreneurs, startups, brands to invest and establish their business entities through reforming various laws and regulations actively. More than 47 million companies and small medium enterprises have registered their business entities in mainland China and over 3.5 million new enterprises are incorporated during each financial year with comfortable process of registering companies. Here SMEsChina is sharing our knowledge and business insights to global enterprises and companies for better learning the regulations and rules of China corporations running and corporate maintaining. All reference and guidance collected by SMEsChina Teams in accordance with the latest implemented laws of the People’s Republic of China on Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprises ( WFOE ), Joint Venture ( JV ) and Limited Liability Company ( LLC ), Limited Liability Partnership ( LLP ), and other relevant and officially promulgated regulations and rules on the corporation formation and registration of industrial and commercial enterprises and related IP laws, immigration and resident policies ( VISA ), tax laws.

SMEsChina teams happy to work around you and look after your daily China operations confidently and smoothly. Check if setting up a private company is right for you, if you have everything to set up a business in Mainland China, you can get in touch with our teams to get more useful information and online guidance.

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