Complaints Policy of

SMEsChina here promises, as a public service platform, we are offering high quality guidance and services to global customers for China company formations through our excellent teamwork and strong self-confidence.

Our teams deeply understand the difficulties and obstacles in your entrepreneurial activities in Mainland China. Also, there are also a lot of confusion and cultural differences in front of us.

Setting up a business abroad is easily and quickly, however, most foreigners have a hard time understanding the process and complexity of business registration in China. As a matter of fact, register a company is only the first step in the process of launching a business in China. What you need to face for future’s corporation operations? Taxes? Labor relations? Human resources? Work Visa? Other issues? If you have no idea how to continue completing the procedure, you have to read this policy to protect your rights.

Yes, there are still many issues and work to be done together, certainly, our teams do not always get it right.

If someone of our team has made a mistake, or provided a wrong information, or other any issues, we need you telling us about your complaint and feedback. Our strong self-confidence telling us, we must find internal management problem and assist our customers completing a target smoothly.

Our customers may set out their concerns, suggestions by Email, phone, or an official letter.

What should you do if have a complaint?

We believe that your feedback can improve our overall service level, all of our team members are dedicated to resolving any questions and feedback you may have.

1. Please call our Customer Care Center, 86.21.51691693-86
2. Please send an Email to us at:
3. Please write an official letter to Customer Care Center, Room 22F, Building 1, Southern International Plaza, No. 7777 South Feng Road, Shanghai, China, Zip code: 201400.

How to resolve your concerns?

1. Your concerns will be transferred to the superior leader of Customer Care Department where our customer service manager will communicate with you immediately, and look for what issues have happened.

2. If your feedback can not be resolved by the Customer Care Department, you may link to this page:, contact our key members or the head of corresponding department.

3. If all of our team members still cannot resolve your complaints, you can get in touch with our founders and directors (Jonathan, Mark, Jing Chen, Tom Zheng). You can find out their contacts by this link: Key Teams

How our platform investigates your issues?

Our customer service manager will contact you and communicate with your consultant, and provide you with an explanation about the issues, meanwhile, provide you a solution and try to put matters right.

We will review any information and records that may be relevant, if possible, we are also happy to explain face to face with you and provide remedial plans and corresponding measures.

We promise your problem will be resolved within 48 hours ( Working Time, Monday – Friday within 9:00 – 17:30 ).

If the issues are complex and investigate facts difficultly, or all of us need to conduct further investigations, you also can appoint a 3rd party to investigate or provide related records or information to us.

Also SMEsChina promises will make compensation accordingly for our mistakes.

Anyway, our teams aim to admit our mistakes valorously to further improving our management level and service quality.