Company Name Requirements

Naming Rules and Requirements of a China Company

Online learning normalized writing and naming a Chinese company name without any professional industrial terminologies through our guidance and assistance. There are many industries registered in mainland China with different brand names from all over the world. Here we provide a series of industrial reference to help you naming a corporate name simply and easily.

For naming a lucky and funny brand name, most of foreign investors, enterprises and entrepreneurs usually use Google translation or other translation software to choose and make the company names. But sometimes you have to understand related rules, requirements and regulations of name registration once you decide to start a business in mainland China. We are the naming masters can help you choose an available corporation name with beautiful, luckily Chinese characters for your choice and decision.

About rules and requirements of a Chinese company name, you have to list brand name and industrial selection, must include the end with an LLC, LLP, Limited, Co., Ltd, LTD. As well as including registration area (superior market and supervision department). And the most important point is that your brand name cannot be the same as another registered enterprise, as well as the brand name can not be similar to another certificated trademark registered in mainland China.

In addition, foreign enterprises and business entities (limited companies, partnerships, joint venture businesses, WFOE) may select their oversea brands (or logo) to register the English name under Chinese corporate name through local markets and supervision department of business registration.

In conclusion, a corporate name must comply with the standard types and rules of registering a company name in Chinese mainland.

Company name must include 4 key parts:

Registered Area + Industrial Selection + Brand Name + Limited (or other endings such as Co., Ltd, LLC, LLP, Limited Company, Branch Office, Pte Ltd, Ltd, etc.).

Instance Analysis: Naming an Available Company Name in China

For example: If your brand name called ABC and intend to register it in Shanghai, China, you can choose your Chinese company name as:
1. Shanghai ABC + Industrial Selection + Limited
2. ABC (Shanghai) + Industrial Selection + Co., Ltd
3. ABC + Industrial Selection (Shanghai) + LLC
4. ABC (China) + Industrial Selection + Ltd
Here is an instance for better understanding the rules of regulations by making a corporate name in mainland China. Name’s ending also can be: LLP, Limited Company, Pte Ltd, etc. (Similarly hereinafter). So the brand name be selected by your decision and oversea logo.

Generally Formats of Top 10 Industries:

Generally Formats of Top 10 Industries:
– Classify as comprehensive industries
– Classify as professional industries
– Classify as design, advertising industries
– Classify as consulting service industries
– Classify as engineering installation
– Classify as rental service industries
– Classify as logistics industries
– Classify as scientific technologies
– Classify as equipment industries
– Classify as specific industries

Below information include TOP 10 industries (collected from Chinese national economy, industries and classification of industry with the most popular Chinese company names), you may choose one as your favorite type of corporate name from Industrial Selection. Also, you can use ‘Limited’ or ‘LLC’, ‘LLP’ instead of ‘Ltd’.

Selecting a company name from your decided industry

1. materials or supplies ltd
2. industrial and trading ltd
3. industrial development ltd
4. trade development ltd
5. daily necessities ltd
6. scientific trade ltd
7. international trading ltd
8. industrial corporation
9. scientific trade development ltd
10. import and export ltd
11. economic and trade ltd
12. economic development ltd

1. exhibition ltd
2. conference service ltd
3. movie and TV communication ltd
4. investment and management ltd
5. architecture laborers ltd
6. courier services ltd
7. food sales ltd
8. water affairs investment ltd
9. artistic works management ltd
10. cultural transmission ( culture communication ) ltd
11. animation and pictures production ltd
12. equipment repair ltd
13. market survey ( research ) ltd
14. restaurant management ltd
15. food and beverage management ltd
16. fluid control ( flow, wake control ) ltd
17. laundromat ( laundry ) ltd
18. real estate agent ltd

1. brand design ltd
2. advertisement design ltd
3. decoration design ltd
4. MA in urban design ltd
5. city planning and design ltd
6. architectural design consultation ltd
7. graphic design ltd
8. construction design ltd
9. electromechanical design ltd
10. industrial product design ltd

1. business consulting ltd
2. exhibit services ltd
3. corporate management and consultant ltd
4. labour advisory services ltd
5. automotive services ltd
6. sports management consulting ltd
7. medical science and technology service ltd
8. labor service ltd
9. shipping service ltd
10. marketing consultation ltd
11. electronic technology consulting service ltd
12. information consulting ltd
13. cleaning service ltd
14. construction engineering consulting ltd
15. decoration engineering consulting service ltd
16. investment consulting ltd
17. wedding service ltd
18. education information consulting ltd
19. auto parts technical service ltd
20. financial consulting ltd
21. express service ltd
22. shipping engineering service ltd

1. smelting project ltd
2. municipal administration construction project ltd
3. trenchless engineering, no-dig engineering ltd
4. painting and coating ltd
5. building intelligent engineering ltd
6. municipal foundation works ltd
7. pipeline engineering project ltd
8. construction mechanical engineering ltd
9. environmental protection engineering ltd
10. water and electricity installation ltd
11. traffic facilities engineering ltd
12. industrial equipment installation ltd
13. complete plants and mechanical and electrical engineering ltd
14. illuminating and lighting engineering ltd
15. waterproofing-thermal insulation ltd
16. installation of harbour engineering equipment ltd
17. upholstery engineering ltd

1. cars rental service ltd
2. mechanical equipment leasing ltd
3. construction equipment leasing ltd
4. financial leasing ltd
5. houses tenancy ltd
6. office equipment leasing ltd
7. electronic equipment leasing ltd

1. logistic ltd
2. chemical logistics ltd
3. freight transport ltd
4. domestic freight forwarder ltd
5. Customs broker and agent ltd
6. import and export agency ltd
7. international trade agent ltd
8. international freight forwarding agent ltd

1. biotechnology ltd
2. printing technology ltd
3. information technology ( IT ) ltd
4. electronics technology ltd
5. power technology ltd
6. communication technology ltd
7. chemical engineering technology ltd
8. building materials science and technology ltd
9. information communication technology ( ICT ) ltd
10. automatic science and technology ltd
11. computer science ltd
12. new energy technology ltd
13. Automation equipment technology ltd
14. environmental protection technology ltd
15. mold technology ltd
16. water treatment technology ltd
17. instrument science and technology ltd
18. chemical technology ltd
19. photoelectric technology ltd
20. network communication technology ltd
21. chemical and petroleum engineering technology ltd
22. intelligent technology ltd
23. digital technology ltd
24. heating equipment engineering technology ltd
25. electromechanical development technology ltd
26. energy-saving technology ltd
27. new chemical material technology ltd
28. filtration technology ltd
29. measurement technique ltd
30. software technology ltd

1. armamentarium ( medical equipment ) ltd
2. electrical equipment ltd
3. kitchen equipment ltd
4. automation equipment ltd
5. electrical equipment ltd
6. apparatus ltd
7. anticorrosive equipment ltd
8. complete boiler equipment ltd
9. electromechanical equipment ltd
10. office equipment ltd
11. thermal equipment ltd
12. construction machinery equipment ltd
13. digital equipment ltd
14. electrical equipment ltd
15. pipeline equipment ltd
16. transmission control equipment ltd
17. photoelectric equipment ltd
18. storage equipment ltd
19. water treating equipment ltd
20. industrial automation device ltd

1. shoes and hats ltd
2. forklift ltd
3. building materials ltd
4. decorative materials ltd
5. fabrics trading ltd
6. wooden articles ltd
7. general electronics ltd
8. apparels ltd
9. dimension stone ltd
10. chemical building materials ltd
11. printing apparatus ltd
12. rubber and plastic ltd
13. electrombile ltd
14. mechanical engineering ltd
15. standard components ltd
16. metal wire mesh ltd
17. bedroom goods ltd
18. cosmetics ltd
19. medical apparatus and instruments ltd
20. door industry ltd
21. handiwork ltd
22. spinning ltd
23. auto parts ltd
24. paper industry ltd
25. chemicals ltd
26. detergents ltd
27. construction of steel structure ltd
28. software ltd
29. perforated metal screen ltd
30. aloe cosmetics ltd
31. packing materials ltd
32. fiber textile ltd

Process of Approval of Registering Corporate Name:

When submitting application forms and documents of registration, corporations have to prepare required documents and legal files to market and supervision department checking, and same time to submit basic information of corporate structure such as, shareholder(s), executive director (legal representative), supervisor, list of business activities. And the whole approval process of name application needs 3 working days through SMEsChina’s assistance.

How to select business scope and industrial activities for registering a Chinese company, you may read this useful link:

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