2 minutes check Chinese business license numbers by online Chinese business license verification system for registration number search and verification.

Author of this Guidance

Aladin Sun

Author of this Guidance

Business Verification Adviser

Aladin born in New Zealand and graduated from Victoria University of Wellington in 2014, where he obtained a degree of business management. After graduation, he chose to return to China with his families. Before joining our team, he worked at a law firm located in Guangzhou China to provide business research, due diligence, and other verify activities.

2016, March, he joined our team at the service department. He mainly serves foreign customers and helps clients to carefully select Chinese suppliers, partners and partner institutions through business investigation activities.

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If you are checking and searching a Chinese business license registration number by online system, here SMEsChina provides a free solution for your studies, in China, our government offices publish all information of registration and the approved registration files for the public by Chinese business license verification system, if you want to use this online tools to verify a local company or your partner, here is a right place for the business license verification. Also, SMEsChina will list other methods to verify other approved certificates of business registration.

All of these useful online tools and verification system are free. Before your searching and checking, SMEsChina suggests you use Google Chrome as the browser, because Chinese government verification system and websites are Chinese language (Simplified Chinese), and Google Chrome can help you translating to English or your mother tongue. You can download Google Chrome from this link: https://www.google.cn/chrome/.

OK, let’s go ahead.

How to Verify a Chinese Business License

First, you have to ask your partners, manufactures or cooperators to scan and send you the approved business registration license (new version is 5-in-1 business license), below is a sample of the latest 5-in-1 license (due to customer information privacy policy, some important information has been processed by SMEsChina teams).

sample of the latest 5-in-1 license

In the upper left corner, you can find out the Unified Social Credit Code, this code contains numbers and letters, in China, this Unified Social Credit Code, also known as Tax Register Number (Tax ID) and corporate registration number.

And then, you have to link the website of National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System: http://www.gsxt.gov.cn/index.html (known as: Chinese business license number verification system). And input the Unified Social Credit Code (the upper left corner of above sample picture) and click the search button, as below screenshot.

the website of National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System

OK, the website will jump to the query result page automatically as below screenshot, and you can click the company name and registration number to check more details.

Now, you can check any information from this detail page to verify these registration information. Because all of these information are Chinese language, that’s why we suggest you to use Google Chrome to translate by online.

For your better understanding the information of verification for a Chinese business license and registration number. SMEsChina brief translated these items and descriptions as following screenshots.

query result page

Screenshot 1: Detail Registration Information

detail registration information license

Divided into four verification modules:

Module 1: Company name, registration number, legal representative, supervised authority, date of establishment. (due to customer information privacy policy, some important information has been processed by SMEsChina teams).

Module 2: Basic Information, Administrative License Information, Administrative Penalty Information, Listed in the List of Business Abnormalities. Here you may click each button to check out the related information.

Module 3: Included registration number, company type, registered capital, register date, supervised authority, registered address, details business activities, corporate name, legal representative, approved date, operating period.

Module 4: List of shareholder(s), and nationality, shareholder’s effective ID.

Screenshot 2: Key Positions

Screenshot 2: Key Positions

Included the names of supervisor and executive director.

Screenshot 3: Other Filed Information of Business License

Other Filed Information of Business License

Included change records of the company, and annual inspection records.

Screenshot 4: Annual Inspection Records

Screenshot 4: Annual Inspection Records

Included: Email, office address, shareholders and shares, website, enterprise asset status information, equity change information, social security information.

How to Verify and Search Tax Registration Number

Here is a guidance on searching and checking the tax registration information from the State Taxation Administration. For example, above case, the company registered in Shanghai China, and you can open the website of Shanghai taxation office, the verification of taxation records is https://www.tax.sh.gov.cn/xbwz/wzfw/yihushi.jsp, and input the Tax id and click the search button.

Screenshot 1: Input Tax ID (Tax Registration Number)

Screenshot 1: Input Tax ID (Tax Registration Number)

Screenshot 2: Searching Result Page

Screenshot 2: Searching Result Page

Screenshot 3: Details of Taxation

Screenshot 3: Details of Taxation

How to Search and Check The Customs Records

Below is an approved Custom Permit (certificate), includes company name and register number and the Customs Code of the company.

Certificate of the Goods Consignor and Receiver of the Customs Import and Export

Enter the website of the Customs District P.R.China, like above case registered in Shanghai China, the link is: http://credit.customs.gov.cn/, and input the company name or the Unified Social Credit Code. As following screenshot.

check the customs license permit records

Screenshot : Searching Result Page of the Customs Certificate

Screenshot : Searching Result Page of the Customs Certificate

Screenshot : Details of the Customs Registration Information

Screenshot: Details of the Customs Registration Information

Included: company name, register number, registered address, business type, credit records, list of administrative penalty.

That’s all, all business licenses registration information, and the taxation records and the Customs certificate and credit records you may search and check by yourself from above verification system and online tools. If you need a lawyer, you can contact SMEsChina teams.

Ready to Start and Launch a Business in China? So Are We.

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China is attracting more and more foreign companies, SMEs,entrepreneurs, startups, brands to invest and establish their business entities through reforming various laws and regulations actively. More than 47 million companies and small medium enterprises have registered their business entities in mainland China and over 3.5 million new enterprises are incorporated during each financial year with comfortable process of registering companies. Here SMEsChina is sharing our knowledge and business insights to global enterprises and companies for better learning the regulations and rules of China corporations running and corporate maintaining. All reference and guidance collected by SMEsChina Teams in accordance with the latest implemented laws of the People’s Republic of China on Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprises ( WFOE ), Joint Venture ( JV ) and Limited Liability Company ( LLC ), Limited Liability Partnership ( LLP ), and other relevant and officially promulgated regulations and rules on the corporation formation and registration of industrial and commercial enterprises and related IP laws, immigration and resident policies ( VISA ), tax laws.

SMEsChina teams happy to work around you and look after your daily China operations confidently and smoothly. Check if setting up a private company is right for you, if you have everything to set up a business in Mainland China, you can get in touch with our teams to get more useful information and online guidance.

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