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More than 47 million companies and small medium enterprises have registered their business entities in mainland China and over 3.5 million new enterprises are incorporated during each financial year with comfortable process of registering companies due to China government implemented new rules and regulation on business registration laws since Oct. 2014. Therefore, huge dividends of policies are affecting Chinese entrepreneurial environment, and attracting more and more oversea brands intending to do businesses here. That’s Why SMEsChina is Here.

We are happy to invite your teams actively participating in our events and sharing your knowledge and viewpoints to our members. Link more: Membership Benefits and Advantages, Affiliate Program of Partnerships.

SMEsChina ( China Small and Medium Enterprises Service Center ) has established 6 branch offices and over 125 staffs with our excellect teams since 2001. We are knowledge about business regulations and policies on Chinese corporate compliance, assist you operating a local company smoothly and comfortably through providing amazing corporation services for our customer base.

SMEsChina has helped a lot of entrepreneurs, foreign business entities, WFOE, LLCs, partnerships, joint venture, domestic companies to establish their own business entities through assisting them to obtain legal business licenses and certificates of registration. Our valuable teams are passionate about assisting customers registering companies, enterprises structure management, corporate operations and providing effective solutions and approaches to help foreign companies launching businesses smoothly. Our top achievement is providing high speed and simplicity of unique services to help global customers submitting legal documents of incorporation directly within 24-hour.

Related FAQs of WFOE Incorporation

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Our business registration package including corporate name approval, and license issuing and corporate seals, also including the legal documents of company incorporation.

Company Incorporation of Non Residents

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In mainland China, private LLC ( limited liability company ) is the most popular enterprises type of company registration because it has independent legal qualification and structure of investors.

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