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So exciting for you to be here, SMEsChina is a growing fast platform and corporate service firm in Shanghai mainland China.

SMEsChina is the Chinese leading provider of corporations registration, companies formation, WFOE setting up and legal, tax services and strategies of brands, at the same time we have different positions for CPA, accountants, payroll and HR, visa assistants are waiting for your decision, we have accomplished a lots of amazing things since 2001, all of our staff work and share experience and knowledge together by teamwork. Although there are many difficulties need us to solve, do not worry please, we are the team and SMEsChina has enough confidence to assist your personal career to grow up. You will be more professional and smarter. SMEsChina wants to hear from you.

  • Focus on career progression with all of our team members.

  • Learn more skills on business consulting and industrial strategies.

  • Happy, comfortable working environment and in-house training.

Position List

Location: PuDong branch, 2 staff, full time. Subordinate departments: WFOE service center. Responsibilities: Collect documents and submit in time. Detail requirements

Location: Fengxian branch, 3 staff, full time. Subordinate departments: register center, responsible for drafting relevant documents and official legal files. Detail requirements

Location: Fengxian and Jingan branches, 2 staff, full time. Subordinate departments: HR center. Manage HR matters, recruitment exercise, and compensation and welfare. Detail requirements

Location: Fengxian and Pudong branches, 2 staff, full time. Subordinate departments: VISA service center. Ensure to submit all required VISA documents to immigration office timely. Detail requirements

Location: Pudong branches, 1 staff, full time. Subordinate departments: trademark service center. Manage documents and submit to State administration of trademarks. Detail requirements

Location: Fengxian, Jingan, Pudong, Free trade zone, Zhabei and Minhang, 8 staff, part time. Subordinate departments: financial service center. Give universities and colleges students opportunities of internship. Detail requirements

Location: Minhang and Pudong areas, 2 staff, full time. Subordinate departments: business service department. Brand strategies, business laws. Detail requirements

Location: Fengxian area, 2 staff, full time. Subordinate departments: financial service center. Responsible for profit and loss situations and consolidate balance analysis. Detail requirements

Provide consultation and advice on common legal issues and assist all departments of the company to deal with daily legal affairs. Detail requirements

Dealing with establishment, alteration, merger, division, liquidation and reorganization of foreign-invested enterprises. Detail requirements

Proficient in the reimbursement system and process of the finance, compliance, personnel and other departments. Detail requirements

Responsible for monthly attendance collection, leave check, monthly/annual leave management and maintenance. Detail requirements

Responsible for processes of company registration of various domestic and foreign companies. And be familiar with the requirements, procedures and required materials of each step. Detail requirements

Collect and verify VAT input tax invoices, arrange monthly VAT input deduction schedule. Detail requirements

Responsible for the company’s financial accounting and the preparation of financial statements. Detail requirements

Responsible for sorting out and submitting various government patents, intellectual property rights and project application materials. Detail requirements

hr manager


What Our HR Manager Saying

SMEsChina targets local corporation services and provides global companies with professional consultants and experts. A lot of working pressure need to be faced every day, yes, every day, this is a fact, but the opposite is the case, you’ll learn more skills, experience, hardships to strengthen self confidence from different independent sectors and unique team cooperation.

As a local corporation service organization, SMEsChina is complementing and consummating the strategic deliverable through offering the means to implement the recommendations.

Our specific specialists familiar with knowledge of different industries. At SMEsChina, all teams willing to share experience and each employee and manager also really passionate about teaching you their knowledge, if here you have saw an opportunity and have confidence to accomplish this position, SMEsChina wishes you to be here to grow up together and proactively jumping in immediately.

Here you will get in touch with startups, entrepreneurs and foreign enterprises who are eager doing businesses in mainland China with different industries and brands. This is an extremely challenging position for you as WFOE registrar. There are many things to do every day, but do not worry, this position not only you, we have a confident teams here.

We are developing and attracting more talented employees in areas of accounting, CPA, corporations registration, companies formation, HR and payroll services, corporate legal services and consulting of strategy management, VISA services, trademarks registration, WFOE establishment, as a local employer, we want you to join us and grow up together. Our HR manager is waiting for your decision.

Do not hesitate please, contact HR Department right now.

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