How Opening a company without Capital Verify in Shanghai China

Needn’t to report the capital verification and no hidden fees, you can start a limited company registration easily and quickly through our online services. Standing in Shanghai international metropolis to highlight the strength and brands of company. China’s state administration of industry and commerce has explicitly stipulated that cancel verifying the corporate registered capital during the preparatory process, a company’s registered capital can be invested within 30 years after the company’s registration.

From October 2015, Shanghai local government carried out the new laws and rules of business license registration, integrate the business license, organization code certificate and the certificate of taxation registration into one legal license, no need to apply for the organization code certificate and tax registration certificate.

Process of Open a Shanghai limited Company

  • 1. Specialist services for foreign organizations who want to register companies and assist them collecting required documents and information of corporate structure.
  • 2. Application for enterprise name in Chinese and English, after examined and approved from the local competent registration authorities, inform you to sign legal documents and official forms.
  • 3. Get approval of company establishment from government departments around 5 working days, easily and comfortable completing the whole procedure of company registration.
  • 4. Open a local bank account, and apply for the internet banking.
  • 5. Tax registration, foreign enterprises must apply for taxpayer registration after done the company registration, and each month must report bookkeeping and accounting.

Our consultants offering professional customers enthusiastic services and selling prices, all application of opening a Chinese company and guidance will be done by our efficient and convenient online system.

No registered capital needed for registration of companies in Shanghai. Registered addresses are for free!

It’s aimed at building a comprehensive service platform providing enterprises with early-stage industrial and commercial registration, mid-term operations, and later-period outsourcing of matters. Our firm specialized in providing services including company registration, establishment of foreign-invested enterprises, company registration in FTA, accounting services, human resource outsourcing, enterprise changing, register business licenses, permits approval for special industries.

We are committed to provide customers from all over the world with package service covering the “early-stage + mid-term + later-period” operations including registration consultation, commercial registration, accounting services, enterprise management, human resource services, employment license, etc. Our team is formed by investment advisers, accountants, tax accountants, business consultants, retired government advisers and other elites. We are extremely familiar with China’s commercial registration business, and can help with the fast settle-down of both Chinese and foreign investors. Gaining government’s administrative approval is also easy for us. As a service provider, we trust can be your first choice!

Our Services departments:

  • 1. Investment Department: taking charge of providing investors with advises about company registration, answering questions and program formulation.
  • 2. Service Department: taking charge of handling detailed procedures for registration and giving feedback to customers in time.
  • 3. Financial Department: taking charge of tax confirmation after the establishment of the company, the general taxpayer qualification application, and tax declaration by accountants, etc.
  • 4. Comprehensive Department: dealing with the import and export right, tax training, special industry registration human resource, investment consultation, etc.

Our success rate of registration is 100%. 40% of the companies are transferred or introduced by other service providers. Our customers are from various industries. Through out 1-to-1 service, SMEsChina China enhanced the commercial quality of external services.

Comprehensive high-end services enable us to stay far ahead of our competitors:

  • 1. Professional team service. Through excellent progress management, we provide Chinese-funded and foreign-invested companies with comprehensive commercial value.
  • 2. Service values of the company. We treat each customer as our family member, work together and help each other.
  • 3. Integrated solutions. We provide professional service management and diversified and multilevel integrated solutions.
  • 4. High-level commercial consultation. We help enterprise quickly settle down in the China market and provide high-level commercial consultation service.
  • 5. High-end quality experience: SMEsChina China provides high-end agent service for enterprise registration with rapid approval.
  • 6. One-stop service system. We are an comprehensive institution providing service for foreign investment, company registration, tax issues, human resources, etc.

Why choose our service:

We provide legal services to small and medium sized enterprises, start-ups and investors with registration consultation, plannings and suggestions for free. Our considerate service team will provide you with worry-free one-stop consultation and later-period value-added services. We accept domestic and foreign enterprises’ delegation for company registration, and provide one-stop operation instructions about establishment of foreign-funded enterprises, tax, and other issues.

Profile of our advantages:

  • 1. We provide fast and efficient services. The business license can be got in 7 days after name verification.
  • 2. Our success rate is 100%. We guarantee that the customers don’t need to bear any risks. If the company registration is failed, we will refund you in full amount according to the agreement.
  • 3. You don’t need going to government in person, you can enjoy our 1-to-1 service for company establishment.
  • 4. We provide different services for different growth phases to all the domestic and foreign enterprises.
  • 5. SMEsChina China is committed to providing customers with package service covering the “early-stage+mid-term+later-period” operations including registration consultation, commercial registration, accounting service, etc.
  • 6. Our team members include investment advisers, accountants, tax accountants, business consultants, government advisers and other elites.

Ready to Start and Launch a Business in China? So Are We.

SMEsChina teams focus on the growth of enterprise and providing a variety of business solutions in the area of strategy consultancy, WFOE setting up services, business registration, company formation, incorporation of domestic invested enterprise, finance and audit services, HR and payroll, corporate bank account, resident permit, immigration and visa, trademarks and legal compliance.

China is attracting more and more foreign companies, SMEs,entrepreneurs, startups, brands to invest and establish their business entities through reforming various laws and regulations actively. More than 47 million companies and small medium enterprises have registered their business entities in mainland China and over 3.5 million new enterprises are incorporated during each financial year with comfortable process of registering companies. Here SMEsChina is sharing our knowledge and business insights to global enterprises and companies for better learning the regulations and rules of China corporations running and corporate maintaining. All reference and guidance collected by SMEsChina Teams in accordance with the latest implemented laws of the People’s Republic of China on Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprises ( WFOE ), Joint Venture ( JV ) and Limited Liability Company ( LLC ), Limited Liability Partnership ( LLP ), and other relevant and officially promulgated regulations and rules on the corporation formation and registration of industrial and commercial enterprises and related IP laws, immigration and resident policies ( VISA ), tax laws.

SMEsChina teams happy to work around you and look after your daily China operations confidently and smoothly. Check if setting up a private company is right for you, if you have everything to set up a business in Mainland China, you can get in touch with our teams to get more useful information and online guidance.

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