If you plan to set up an automobile accessory company in mainland China, here are the 27 lists of reference of the business scope of automobile accessory company for you studies when you registering a Chinese LLC.

1. Sales and other domestic trade of auto fixture, auto welding fixture, auto spare parts, automation equipment, manipulator, peripheral equipment of punch press; Import and export of goods and technologies. Auto fixture, auto welding fixture, auto parts, automation equipment, manipulator, punch peripheral equipment production.

2. Manufacturing of automobile parts and accessories (excluding automobile engine manufacturing); Leather gloves and leather decorative products manufacturing; Manufacturing of other leather products; Manufacturing of other non-household textile products; Wholesale of auto parts.

3. Auto parts, mechanical and electrical equipment and accessories, mechanical equipment, steel, building materials, plumbing equipment, instrumentation sales.

4. Auto parts, packaging materials, metal materials, construction materials, decoration materials wholesale, retail, engaged in the field of automotive technology technology development, technical consulting, technical services, technology transfer, property management, business information consulting.

5. Auto parts, auto supplies, electronic products, mechanical and electrical products, mechanical equipment, pipes, valves, chemical raw materials and products (except hazardous chemicals, MCC, fireworks, civil explosives, precursor chemicals), metal materials, metal products, mineral products (except specifically charged), wire and cable, jewelry, crafts gifts, needles textiles, cosmetics, daily provisions wholesale, retail, exhibition services, business services, business information consultation, engaged in goods and technology import and export business.

6. Auto parts manufacturing, processing (above limited branch operation), metal materials, mechanical and electrical equipment wholesale, retail, cold plate (limited branch operation), metal products, mold processing.

7. Auto parts, communication equipment and related products, hardware tools, wire and cable, household appliances, daily provisions, sanitary ware, electronic products, office equipment, arts and crafts, metal materials, leather products, clothing, rubber and plastic products, toys, sports products sales, business consulting.

8. Design and production of decorative parts, glass slots, sliding slots, door frames and other auto parts, sales of the company’s products, product technical consulting services, engaged in the import and export of goods and technology.

9. Rigid pipe, hose, automotive accessories, agricultural machinery parts, engineering machinery, mechanical and electrical equipment, hardware tools manufacturing, processing and sales, the company produced products export business and the enterprise required mechanical equipment, spare parts, raw and auxiliary materials import business, but the state limited companies or prohibit the import and export of goods and technology except, including members of the company controlled by the enterprise).

10. Research and development, production of aluminum alloy extrusion profiles auto parts (limited branch operation) and other related products, sales of aluminum alloy auto parts and other related products, and engaged in the above products and similar goods import and export, wholesale, commission agency (excluding auction) and other related supporting services (goods does not involve the state-run trade management, involving quota and license administration, the management of special provisions goods, in accordance with relevant state regulations apply).

11. Automobile and motorcycle body design technology research and development, production of automobile, motorcycle mold, fixture and seat modulator, vehicle lock, glass lifter, sales of the company’s products and provide related technical consulting.

12. Engaged in the development and production of metal fasteners and other mechanical parts in the automotive industry and other industries.

13. Production, manufacturing automotive rear pillar (gas spring), automotive shock absorber and automotive automatic transmitter, motorcycle shock absorber, small boat parts and machinery parts for transportation, sales of the company’s products.

14. Design, production, processing and auto parts, printer parts, petrochemical valve components, optical fiber cable joint, vacuum cleaner, twisting component, medical instrument precision machinery parts and components, plastic and rubber products, motor parts, metal products, metal products, sales produced products and provide after-sales service and consulting services.

15. Production and processing of auto parts (except engine), hardware products and related parts; Engaged in auto parts, hardware products, automotive lubricants, cleaning agents (except dangerous chemicals), computer software and auxiliary equipment wholesale, import and export, commission agent (except auction), technical consulting and related supporting services.

16. Research and development of auto parts, sales, own housing rental.

17. Automobile headrest frame and assembly, seat frame and assembly, related mold manufacturing and sales, own housing rental.

18. Production of rubber and metal hose assembly for automobiles, motorcycles, mechanical equipment and related spare parts, metal products, rubber products, hose reinforcement line, tooling, assembly of special production equipment for rubber hose and metal pipe fittings, sales of self-produced products; Wholesale, commission agency (except auction), import and export and related supporting services of the same kind of commodities as well as synthetic rubber (except natural rubber), chemical products (except dangerous goods).

19. Car parts design, research and development and related technology consulting services, car rearview mirror design, research and development, production and sales, new energy car battery design, assembly and sales of equipment and accessories, production and processing auto parts and metal, wood, paper, plastics, antirust materials packaging products, sales produced products and the import and export company, and provide relevant supporting services, computer network engineering, computer software and hardware development (with the exception of audio and video products, games, software), and mould design and development, has its own house lease, road transport of goods (except dangerous goods).

20. Production of filters and car radiator, water tank, muffler, fuel tank, engine gasket, stamping parts auto parts, sales of their own products, rental of their own vacant plant.

21. Cars and spare parts, auto supplies, lubricating oil, oil products (except dangerous goods), chemical raw materials and products (except hazardous chemicals, MCC, civil explosives, precursor chemicals), machinery and equipment sales, is engaged in goods and technology import and export business, transit trade, warehousing (excluding dangerous goods), area commercial simple processing, electronic commerce () shall not be engaged in financial business, business consulting, corporate management consulting, real estate consulting, property management, computer graphic design and production, design, production, agents, release all kinds of advertising, culture and art exchanges and planning, corporate image planning, marketing planning.

22. Engaged in the field of automotive technology technology development, technical consulting, technical services, technology transfer, automobile and parts sales, engaged in the production of automotive engine piston pin, engaged in the import and export of goods and technology.

23. Production of automotive chassis parts, engine parts and other mechanical parts, sales of our own products.

24. Auto parts production, assembly, design and manufacture of clamping die, machining parts.

25. R&d, production of brake pipeline, fuel pipeline and fuel filling pipe and other automotive industry fluid pipeline products and accessories, sales of the company’s products and provide related technical consulting services and after-sales service; Import and export, wholesale and commission agency (except auction) of the same products and provide related supporting services. (excluding commodities subject to state trade administration; Where the commodities subject to quota or license control are involved, the application shall be handled in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state.

26. Auto parts production, processing, metal processing, has its own house lease, engaged in goods and technology import and export business, engaged in auto parts, car body technology in the field of technology development, technology transfer, technical consulting, technology services, market information consultation and investigation, shall not be engaged in social investigation, social investigation and survey, opinion polls), electrical and mechanical equipment installation, maintenance.

27. Production of automobiles and other means of transportation, electronic appliances, construction and other industries for all kinds of steel products and accessories, sales of their own products. Wholesale, import and export, commission agent (except auction) of the same kind of commodity and steel mentioned above, and provide related technical consultation, after-sales service and other supporting services.

Above 27 lists include the business scope for an automobile accessory company registered in mainland China, you can refer to the lists to fill in the legal documents of incorporation and company formation forms for setting up a private auto parts business here, if you need an online lawyer, also you can contact SMEsChina at once.

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