Here is a list of business activity templates of travel consultation LLC when you in the mainland China.

1. Tourism services, tourism information consulting services, conference services, tourism planning and management, tourism information technology promotion and application services, with branches.

2. Undertake domestic tourism business, car rental business, conference and exhibition, sales of clothing, arts and crafts, general merchandise, shoes and hats, sales of train tickets, ship tickets, air transport sales agency business (second class passenger) branch, inter-provincial bus passenger (third class passenger line) inter-provincial chartered passenger transport.

3. Travel services, domestic airlines, international airlines or Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan airlines air passenger sales agents, international and domestic airline schedules, international and domestic hotel guide sales agents; Urban sightseeing travel line passenger service, real estate development and management; Conference services; Ticketing agent for cultural performances and sports events; Parking (warehouse) management, daily necessities, electronic products sales, with branches.

4. Tourism investment, tourism consulting (excluding travel agency business), tourism supplies and souvenirs r & d and sales, advertising design, production, agency and release, public relations activities planning (except brokerage), graphic design and production, cultural and artistic activities planning (except brokerage), exhibition services, ticketing services, gift design and sales.

5. Tourism consulting, travel agency business, building decoration materials, household appliances, electronic products, communications equipment wholesale, retail, hotel management, business information consultation, real estate marketing planning, real estate development business, construction engineering design and construction, construction decoration advertisements using self-owned media, design, production, agents, release all kinds of advertising.

6. Travel advisory, passenger ticketing agent, marketing planning, culture and art communication planning, landscape construction, special design, landscape architecture construction project special architectural decoration construction engineering design, stage art planning, exhibition services, photography services, hotel management, enterprise management consulting, has its own equipment leasing, computer software development, computer network engineering construction, the sale of edible agricultural products, craft gifts, office supplies, daily provisions wholesale, retail, engaged in information technology, agricultural science and technology, construction engineering technology in the field of technology development, technology consulting, technology services, technology transfer, property management.

7. Tourism consulting, cultural and art exchange planning, business information consulting, enterprise management consulting, real estate consulting, construction engineering cost consulting, real estate marketing planning, real estate development, landscaping engineering construction, building decoration materials wholesale, retail, property management.

8. Cultural and artistic exchange planning, tourism project development, real estate development.

9. Tourism consulting (shall not be engaged in the travel agency business), culture and art communication planning, ticketing agent, wedding etiquette service, conference service, exhibition services, photography services, computer services (except business site of Internet access services), (computer technology, network technology, information technology) in the field of technology development, technology transfer, technical advice and technical services, business consulting, e- commerce.

10. Travel management services (excluding travel agency business), travel advisory (excluding travel agency business), enterprise management consulting, property management, hotel management, exhibition business services (except for the host, to undertake), ticketing agent (except special approval), marketing planning, arts and crafts (except cultural relic), tourism supplies wholesale, import and export, commission agent.

11. Investment and development in the field of tourism, industrial investment, domestic trade, flower seedling planting and sales, information consulting services within the scope of business approved.

12. Tourism consulting, agricultural leisure tourism, craft gifts (except ivory and its products) sales, hotel management, catering enterprise management, business information consulting, landscaping engineering design and construction.

13. Culture and art exchanges and planning, enterprise management consulting, marketing planning, corporate image planning, pr planning, business etiquette service, e-commerce (shall not be engaged in value-added telecom, financial), design and production of various types of advertising, and network technology in the field of technology development, technology transfer, technical advice and technical services, performance brokerage.

14. Travel advisory, industrial investment, investment management, ticketing agent (except special approval), car rental, travel consultation, enterprise management services, hotel management, market information consultation and investigation, shall not be engaged in social investigation, social investigation and survey, opinion polls), real estate and marketing planning, business consulting, real estate agent, sales of building decoration materials, the following scope limited operating branches: swimming pool, the lodging industry, car park management services, hot food food producing, cold food producing, homemade drinks to produce (excluding the wine producing), excluding (now system now sold fresh milk drinks (only pasteurized milk and fermented milk). , hotel accommodation and catering; Hotel management; Conference services; Daily provisions, flowers, arts and crafts, clothing wholesale and retail; Gym, beauty, pedicure; Engaged in the import and export of goods and technologies.

15. Cultural and art exchange planning and consulting, tourism consulting, marketing planning, corporate image planning, business consulting, corporate management consulting, property management, parking lot management, hotel management, municipal engineering, exhibition services, conference services, graphic design and production.

16. Travel consultation, inter-provincial bus passenger transport, the third class passenger transport line, inter-provincial chartered bus passenger transport, car rental.

Above information includes all reference for your studies when you setting up a private travel consultation business in mainland China. Posted by:

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