Benefits & conditions for opening an e-commerce ( Wine and Food ) in Shanghai free trade zones

Questions Lists:

As an e-commerce company based in USA and France and selling European high quality products in wine and food, we are studying the import conditions in Shanghai free trade zone in the view of shipping goods and storing them under bonded status in the Zones.

In that perspective, is it possible to get a sum up of the trade facilitation ( customs and inspection facilitation ), and the requirements to benefit these trade facilitation (like company registration in the Zone, etc.)?

Are there specific measures for each free trade zone ( Waigaoqiao, Yanshan, Pudong Airport ) in China Shanghai Pilot Trade Zones, or are they all the same inside China Shanghai Pilot Trade Zone? Looking forward for your valued feedback.
And same time can you please advise if bonded and non-bonded cargo can be combined in the same warehouse without any separation or segregation?

I will soon start my trading activities of retail business developer within Asian Countries and intend to fix the seat in Shanghai.

My mission will be to act as consultant for European Brands wanting to or yet developing their retail projects in Asia countries.

I have been reading about FTZ and thinking it suits to my necessities I wish to ask you some further information.

Professional Replies from SMEsChina China business registration and consultants firm:

Dear Customer, thanks for leaving a message by our online FAQ platform, first we list a below simple process for company registration of wine ( alcohols ) and food businesses.

1. Company name application need around 3-4 working days.
2. Submit all legal documents and enterprises register forms to local government offices signed by shareholders and legal representative ( executive director ), need around 8-10 working days to approval.
3. Apply a bank account from local banks need around 7 working days.
4. Apply for food business permits registration and need around 20 working days.
5. Register a alcohols / wine business selling permits need around 10 working days.
6. FTZ tax office registration and apply for VAT invoices around 5 working days.

Details for the register procedure and required documentations, conditions we suggest you reading the recommended pages: China Company Registration

Second, sum up of the trade facilitation and benefits for FTZ in Shanghai FTZ

1.Shanghai as the largest port in the mainland China and the number of import and export have ranked the first in the world for seven consecutive years since 2011. Which means here has huge advantages in areas of sea transportation, air transport and land transport.
2.Paperless Customs clearance and free trade rules suit the special products what can through out Chinese ports quickly and easily.
3.All bonded functions and trading conditions, rules are the same in each zone, and products can be shipped and stored in each warehouse that provided by the Customs, like Waigaoqiao, Yanshan, Pudong Airport.
4.Difference of these zones, Waigaoqiao free trade zone is a bonded area and provide warehouse and logistic transport, Pudong airport certainly has the conditions and advantages of air transport facilities, and Yangshan is the largest deep water maritime port in the world has artificial intelligence wharves.
5.Sure, the most benefits in FTZ is that foreign owned companies can register enterprises easily and quickly.
6.As a test area, China government provides more convenient policies and regulations of industries for foreign investors who want to establish business entities in mainland China.

If you have more further information want to know, you may ask our consultants. We providing a serious of business laws and services for oversea clients and foreign enterprises.