Authorised Public Service Platform

of Chinese Middle and Small-Sized Enterprises

What is Public Service Platform

Chinese corporate service platforms were proposed and constructed in 2011 mainly around the construction of four centers and the development of national strategic emerging industries. To support small and medium-sized enterprises to obtain more guidance on local implemented policies and innovation-driven, to accelerate the construction of public service platforms, resolve the resource sharing of small and medium-sized enterprises on policy information, labor laws, tax compliance, market, financing, information, resources and other public regulations and rules.

Therefore, 2011, public service platforms and centers for small and medium-sized enterprises authorized by government agencies have been set up all over the country.

SMEsChina teams were recognized at the Revenue Risk Management Award and Comprehensive Corporate Service Provider certificated from The China Certified Tax Agents Association at the first session of the Establishment Conference of SMEs Service Platforms.

What Our Service Platform Provides

Preparation of Business Planning, provides a powerful tool for start-up financing. Business plan includes company profile, history, industry analysis, competitors, company advantages, management teams, development plans, marketing plans, main financial data and forecast, financing purpose, valuation and financing methods, etc.

Incubation of Business Project, based on a thorough and comprehensive understanding of policies, assist enterprises to obtain various government support policies according to their own characteristics, so that enterprises can fully and effectively enjoy government policies and reduce their operating costs.

Start and Improve Your Business, give full play to the exemplary and leading role of high-tech enterprises, and help them use science and technology policies to reduce operating costs, improve competitiveness and achieve innovative development. At the same time, through legal knowledge publicity, help enterprises to strengthen the concept of law and discipline, effectively avoid the legal risks on the road to entrepreneurship.

Office Rent and Virtual Registered Address Services, conference room, VIP business reception, media interview room, book bar, coffee bar, self-service tea ceremony area, mobile classroom, talk room, etc. provides perfect space for enterprises to arrange business reception, undertake activities, staff communication, and create an atmosphere of resource sharing and integration in the same workplace.

Company Formation and Business License Registration, the senior business consultant explains the registration process and matters needing attention, and gives reasonable suggestions to entrepreneurs. At the same time to help startups to apply for business licenses, arrange professional experts to help enterprises obtaining registration certification efficiently and conveniently.

Enterprise Qualification Certification, providing professional, standard and comprehensive guidance and help for enterprises to apply for the identification of high-tech enterprises, so that enterprises do not have to be troubled by the cumbersome declaration process and numerous declaration materials, and can help enterprises significantly improve the success rate of declaration.

Tax Compliance and Bookkeeping, Payroll, review original vouchers, fill out accounting vouchers, register accounting books, prepare accounting statements, fill out tax returns and make tax returns. Small and medium-sized enterprises choose bookkeeping agency can reduce enterprise expenses, save accounting costs at the same time, enjoy a high level and standardized accounting service, improve accounting efficiency.

Combination of Production Teaching and Researching. With the linkage of government, industry, university and research institute, the association has carried out special studies to solve development problems. The association has successively completed special studies of relevant departments in functional areas, districts and municipalities, and proposed ideas and strategies for all-round development of producer services in this city by referring to foreign experience and combining with its own current situation.

Technology Transfer and Transformation of Achievements, have accumulated rich experience in successful projects. Provide enterprises with the whole process services from the preparation of project materials in the early stage, troubleshooting in the application process, to the auxiliary acceptance in the later stage, and significantly improve the success rate of application.

Sharing of Innovative Resources, starting from the direction of enterprise research and development, it uses patent intelligence information and combines the direction of industrial development to conduct technical decomposition of key industries concerned by enterprises, analyze the situation of major competitors, key/core technologies, and provide a complete patent strategy analysis report combined with mainstream patent retrieval tools and big data analysis.

Industrial Design and Technological Consulting. The project includes:
1. Construction project of service system for small and medium-sized enterprises;
2. Supporting projects for industrial upgrading of small and medium-sized enterprises;
3. Reform and listing cultivation projects of small and medium-sized enterprises;
4. Collective trust financing projects for small and medium-sized enterprises;
5. Sme credit guarantee system construction project.

Promotion of Applicable Technologies, to better providing customers high quality of whole life cycle of information system security services, communication software test basic knowledge, thanks to new and old customers, the broad masses of small and medium-sized enterprise to our company’s trust and support, practicing social mission, service platform will organize monthly training meeting, the software testing theory and actual combat public training, the training will be invited to have a rich experience theory and field test engineers as a speaker, and provide related to computer equipment and test tools, field test theoretical explanations and practical experience.

Quality Inspection, Establish Quality Management System. To speed up the pace of enterprise quality management in line with international standards, many enterprises have established, implemented and constantly improved the quality management system of the organization in accordance with the requirements of GB/T 19001-2016/ISO 9001:2015 standards.

System and Product Certification, provides training on ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification, ISO13485 medical device quality management system certification, TS16949 automobile industry quality management system certification.

Special Equipment Product Quality Appraisal, Construction projects of mining machinery products use building materials machinery products production special- purpose machinery products mold other non-metal processing special equipment of agricultural and sideline products food processing special equipment daily chemical products and special equipment product glass ceramic and enamel products production of special equipment for other commodities production textile special equipment for special equipment products electrical machinery specialized equipment products, electronic components and other electronic special equipment for mechanical and electrical components equipment products product quality dispute appraisal.

Research and development of industrial patent strategy analysis, Starting from the direction of enterprise research and development, it USES patent intelligence information and combines the direction of industrial development to conduct technical decomposition of key industries concerned by enterprises, analyze the situation of major competitors, key/core technologies, and provide a complete patent strategy analysis report combined with mainstream patent retrieval tools and big data analysis.

Manufacturing lean management salon, In view of the increasingly fierce market competition faced by enterprises, “lean management salon for manufacturing industry” brings together many enterprise executives, practical experts and consultants to share their practical views and methods for enterprises, and share the knowledge, experience and specific operation tools of fine management from the aspects of operation and production.

Members Internet platforms, based on U mall, enterprises can independently create online mall, expand rich marketing channels, including offline stores, e-commerce platform, self-built mall and micro mall, build their own brand mall, release promotion information at the first time, facilitate the nationwide marketing, and support the enterprise’s marketing innovation in various forms.

Information security assessment, verify the confidentiality, integrity, non- repudiation, verifiability and authenticity of system physics, network, host, application, data and backup according to relevant test standards and documents such as project assignment or contract, software requirement specification and acceptance basis agreed by both parties.

Trademark registration, business involves: trademark registration, opposition, cancellation and litigation agency, copyright and customs intellectual property rights registration and other agency business.

Utility Patent Application, provide technical data preliminary examination service, technical data collation service, invention patent application document writing service, process service, official opinion transfer service and official opinion reply service ( can be licensed ).

Intellectual property data query, all kinds of dynamic statistical caliber data can be obtained. These data include the absolute number, increasing number and trend chart of patent application/disclosure/authorization/invalation of enterprise, as well as basic information of patent, trademark and software copyright.

Application agent for software, IC layout design, etc, copyright registration, including computer software copyright registration and copyright registration of other works, is mainly conducted by copyright owners to register their independently created or legally enjoyed works with local or national copyright protection centers, so as to clarify the content of protection of works, copyright ownership of works and other legal procedures.

Investigation of patent infringement evidence, based on the patent right, it identifies the suspected infringing products in the market by means of online and offline investigation, providing reference basis for enterprises’ patent rights protection, trading and licensing.

Intellectual property right, team members include not only a group of professional lawyers with rich operational experience in the field of intellectual property law practice, but also many experts from east China university of political science and law with rich theoretical knowledge in intellectual property theory research.

Evaluation of intangible assets, the appraisal institution of intangible assets shall issue the draft appraisal report of intangible assets to the entruster, and the appraisal institution and the entruster shall exchange views on the appraisal value.

Overseas training for entrepreneurs, in order to help more entrepreneurs broaden their international horizons and strengthen cooperation and exchanges with overseas institutions, will launch the overseas training program for entrepreneurs who are specialized and innovative.

Overseas digital marketing, customized package through the integration of multi- channel marketing, all-round promotion of independent sites of high quality traffic, help foreign trade and export enterprises to improve the popularity of the website, build overseas brand image.

Enter the national purchasing network, enterprises provide information consulting services, provide enterprises with registration application and prequalification services, CA digital certificate processing services, on-site installation of relevant software and guide enterprises to operate the application, guide the operation of the government website.

Exhibition resource, recommend member enterprises to participate in various exhibitions, and provide free design services for member exhibition stands, which will be connected by professional exhibition design companies.

Market research, through all available information to find out the situation of competitors, including: product and price strategy, channel strategy, marketing strategy, competitive strategy, research and development strategy, financial status and human resources, find out their competitive weakness, help enterprises to develop appropriate offensive strategy, expand their market share.

Campus recruitment, Understand the needs, select colleges and universities, provide menu-type service options, and provide enterprise customers with flexible and efficient whole-process, customized campus recruitment solutions.

Labor dispatching, to undertake whole-course dispatching, short-term dispatching, project dispatching, collective dispatching and other services, to provide a one-stop service of personnel dispatching, and to provide the recruitment of enterprise labor dispatching staff; Pre-job training and personal professional and professional ethics training for employees. Set up employee file, responsible for sending employee salary and bonus statistics and payment. For the purchase of pension, unemployment, medical, industrial injury, maternity insurance, provident fund consultation. Sign labor contracts, coordinate and deal with labor disputes.

Finance and tax management training, through a large number of practical case analysis, help startups to master the most closely related to the enterprise tax planning methods, master the methods of tax planning in each operation of enterprises. International common and advanced tax planning and anti-tax avoidance methods. Tax authorities how to anti – tax avoidance and so on. Only by tax planning and anti-tax avoidance can minimize tax risks and tax costs.

High-end headhunting service, with rich industry and industrial experience, can quickly provide accurate and appropriate talents and provide high-quality service and guarantee.

Customized health management, in order to improve employees’ health management awareness and prevent high incidence of diseases, talent agency center has launched a customized enterprise group inspection service to ensure employees’ healthy life.

Tax credit, based on the tax-related information of enterprises, combined with the settlement, industrial and commercial, credit information and other external information of enterprises and business owners, the big data technology is used to analyze and evaluate the online self-financing products for high-quality small and micro enterprises that pay taxes in good faith.

Equity financing, for companies, equity financing and debt financing in recommended enterprises and listed private equity fund managers in a body’s comprehensive financial service providers, for one-on-one pulse each big small and medium-sized enterprise financing solution, the major professional team are from the financial system, there are both solid financial theory knowledge and rich practical experience, each year for many enterprises successfully obtain a bank loan.

Financial leasing policy consultation, provide financial leasing related decisions, design various implementation plans, provide financial leasing related investigation materials and suggestions.

Credit risk warning, Enterprise credit information for real-time second level query. At the same time, the enterprise quality, performance record, public supervision, genetic characteristics, circle environment, etc. are comprehensively evaluated automatically to generate the basic credit report of the enterprise.

Listing on the stock market. Top-level architecture design, standardize enterprise operation behavior. Sponsor enterprises to be listed on the Shanghai stock exchange. Guide enterprises to enter higher main board markets and overseas capital markets ( Hong Kong, the United States and Australia ). Equity incentive, directional capital increase, merger and reorganization, etc.

Restructuring of enterprise, straighten out the company’s top-level structure design, equity capital setting and internal management system improvement. Equity investment and financing valuation plan and docking various investment institutions. Sponsor and coach enterprises to be listed on the new third board, Shanghai stock exchange, sci-tech innovation/cultural innovation /E or Q board. Professional guidance of equity incentives, mergers and acquisitions, and technology and innovation board listing IPO.

Audit the financial, corporate restructuring and asset restructuring audit additional issuance of listed companies and mergers and acquisitions and restructuring audit annual and interim financial statements audit capital verification IPO audit services bond issuance audit enterprise internal control audit financial due diligence listing financial norms guidance.

Equity incentive planning, equity incentive plan, it is to point to by employee for the company in the form of equity, make its certain economic rights, as a shareholder to participate in enterprise decision-making, share the profits, risks and to make it to the long-term development of the service for the company of a kind of incentive method, is a relatively long-term company development necessary at the core of the system arrangement.

Analysis of the new fiscal and tax policies, the financial policy of an enterprise refers to the internal accounting activities of the enterprise according to a series of regulations such as cost accounting methods, calculation procedures, expense allocation and profit distribution allowed by the state. Through effective tax planning, the cost, expense and profit can reach the best value and reduce the tax burden.

Professional tax consulting services, provide you with a series of tax-related services such as high-tech enterprise consultation, planning, application, enterprise deduction, tax consultation and so on.

Assets appraisal, professional service activities in which professional personnel assess and estimate the real estate, chattel, intangible assets, enterprise value, loss of assets or other economic rights and interests, and issue evaluation reports on the basis of entrustment.

Performance appraisal consultant, the rational formulation of the performance appraisal system can stimulate the fighting spirit of the team, enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of the team, and ultimately improve the company’s business performance. Good companies always start from the design side of the system to excellence.

Labor relations law service, tailor-made internal labor management policies in line with company culture to help customers understand legal obligations and protect their rights.

Legal instruments, according to relevant laws and regulations, and in combination with the specific conditions of both parties, the relevant documents or contracts should be drafted as comprehensively as possible to avoid loopholes and maximize the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of the parties.

Notarization services, assist enterprises to handle all kinds of notarized documents and legal files.

Translation of foreign language materials, provide translation services for enterprises, such as English and Japanese translation of professional technical documents, patent documents, business documents, etc., to ensure translation quality.

Resource and Benefits Sharing

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