Our main service objects: exclusively foreign-owned enterprises, Sino-foreign joint ventures, representative offices of foreign enterprises in China.

Main service items for foreign-funded enterprise alteration:

— Alteration of enterprise name,
— Alteration of enterprise business scope,
— Alteration of enterprise registered capital,
— Alteration of enterprise registered address moving in and moving out,
— Alteration of the board of directors, legal representative of enterprise,
— Alteration of enterprise equities,
— Alteration of chief representative and general representative in the representative office,
— Extension of enterprise business registration term, etc.

Cancellation process for foreign-funded enterprises ( only for reference ):

1. Decision made by resolution of the board of directors,
2. Approved by investors ( shareholders ),
3. Approved by the foreign investment commercial department,
4. Set up liquidation team, liquidate assets, make announcement, issue’Liquidation Report’,
5. Cancellation of tax registration certificate ( state tax, local tax ),
6. Cancellation approval from the Customs, financial and statistical departments,
7. Cancellation of foreign exchange registration certificate ( foreign currency and RMB to be remitted out after purchasing foreign exchange, and both the foreign currency and RMB accounts to be canceled ),
8. Business ( business license ) cancellation,
9. Cancellation of organization code certificate,
10. Cancellation of labor registration certificate.

Cancellation and liquidation of foreign-funded enterprise

The starting day of enterprise liquidation shall be the day of expiration of the enterprise business term, or the day of dissolution of the enterprise as approved by the approving authority, or the day of termination of the enterprise contract as judged by the people’s court or ruled by the arbitral institution.

The enterprise liquidation term starts from the starting day of enterprise liquidation till the day the liquidation report is submitted to the enterprise approving authority, which shall be no more than 180 days.

In need of extension of liquidation term due to special conditions, the liquidating committee shall, within 15 days before the expiration of the liquidation term, submit application to the original approving authority of the enterprise.

The extended term shall be no more than 90 days.

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