Recruitment of Alliance Memberships

Bring your ideas, technologies, innovative products and investments to jump into our membership’s family. As a membership to actively participate in our summit meetings, corporate exchanging forums recommended by our association.

China Small and Medium Enterprises Service Center as the main comprehensive enterprise service platform, is supporting local corporations, companies and individuals, startups, entrepreneur who looking for business opportunities in mainland China and extending their ideas, technologies, innovations, brands and products throughout all over the country.

For better launching and developing local business activities, we are organizing our memberships to obtain more market opportunities and supporting of government affairs and policies.

So we built a local association of members club to gather round our memberships actively participating in the development of opening and reforming and providing memberships more opportunities to learn and understand government affairs on business regulations, taxation, latest implemented policies, HR and labor relation, credit qualification of taxpayer and foreign exchange procedure, immigration policies, relevant legal affairs to insure their business entities operated smoothly and legally in Mainland China.

Intention and Mission

For the purpose of serving the members and the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises wholeheartedly, effort to play the role of a bridge between the government and enterprises, advice to the local reforming offices to create a better business environment for the healthy development of small and medium-sized enterprises. Support member enterprises to continuously improve technological innovation ability and enterprise management level, take the road on the special and new development.

To fully implement the scientific outlook on development under the guidance of Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of three represents. To promote the healthy development of small and medium-sized enterprises as the center, in accordance with national laws and regulations, with reference to international rules, industry self-discipline and management.

Around in market competition ability of small and medium-sized enterprises,independent innovation ability and self development ability, improve the quality and management level of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs, reflect the recommendations and requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises, explore the market for small and medium-sized enterprises and to strengthen international exchanges and cooperation and to carry out the exchanging activities, encourage corporations to grow stronger and bigger,develop faster and better.

What benefits you will get as a member of the SMEs

  • 1. Have chance to interview with local high-level officials face to face discussing the policies and business environment to get better supporting and government relations.
  • 2. Learn about business regulations, tax policies, labor risks and The Customs Clearance process, and share your cases and experience, obtain useful information from other members.
  • 3. Participate in corporate credibility recommendation, improve corporate visibility, and actively participate in entrepreneurship BBS, participate in corporate social responsibility and public welfare programs commendation conference.
  • 4. Participate in monthly taxation training and personal tax training salon.
  • 5. Participate in the propaganda meeting of The Customs commodity inspection policy regularly.
  • 6. Participate in trade union recommendation meetings, attend various exhibitions and conferences, including China international import expo.
  • 7. Obtain policy support and actively participate in pilot enterprises of policy reform.
  • 8. Free enterprise magazine column advertising, publish enterprise introduction and product description.
  • 9. Free participation in “China SMEs festival” and “China SMEs Investment and Financing Fair”.
  • 10. Free link on our official platform website.
  • 11. Enjoy free e-commerce services provided by the association, get or publish information such as product supply and demand, commodity price, investment attraction projects and talent recruitment, etc.
  • 12. Enjoy the special legal consultation, legal aid and rights protection services provided by the association.
  • 13. Enjoy the business management consulting services provided by the association of SMEs, and participate in the social activities of members.
  • 14. Participate in industry-university-research, technology introduction, independent innovation achievements, news release, international exchange and cooperation activities organized by the association.
  • 15. Provide a variety of direct and indirect financing advisory services.
  • 16. Industrial development, financial support, project declaration, domestic and foreign exhibition and other policy information services, and through the council to the relevant leaders and departments to reflect the enterprise voice.
  • 17. Obtain the membership certificate granted by the association, and enjoys the honor of “member unit of China association of small and medium-sized enterprises” and the status of social communication.
  • 18. Membership in association council and priority to organize activities in cooperation with the association.
  • 19. During the investigation in the location of member enterprises, you will have the chance to be invited to discuss and communicate with the leaders of local competent departments.
  • 20. Participate in all kinds of sports events and competitions organized by the association.

Our Consultant Council

Our consultant council is made up of our existed members represented by the executive directors and legal representatives and senior managers of some local corporations and government officials and union representatives.

Major responsibilities of consultative council are to report major issues and policy suggestions on the reform and development of small and medium-sized commercial enterprises to government departments, participate in the formulation of overall development strategies and regional development plans for small and medium-sized commercial enterprises, and complete various tasks entrusted and assigned by the government. To organize international cooperation and exchanges, assist small and medium-sized enterprises to introduce advanced foreign technologies, operations and management methods and capital projects, and guide the healthy development of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Types of Membership

Domestic Corporate Memberships. Existed and registered in all over the country and the registered capital more than 1 million RMB. And have obtained business licenses issued by supervised departments and market supervision offices.

Foreign Corporate Memberships. Existed and registered in all over the country, registered capital more than 150,000 USD or Euro, and have obtained business licenses and certificates of foreign owned enterprises issued by the supervised commerce commission and market supervision offices.

Domestic Individual Memberships, hold legal ID and other member recommendation letters who have got qualification of membership, and business proposal and planning, CV, photo.

Foreign Individual Memberships (non residents), hold legal passports and resident permits and other member recommendation letters who have got qualification of membership, and business proposal and planning, CV, photo.

Membership Conditions

All registered corporations according to law within the territory of China small and medium-sized enterprises, management norms and performance outstanding local small and medium-sized enterprise community organizations, and the enthusiastic support and promote the healthy development of small and medium-sized enterprises of large enterprises and social organizations, engaged in the development of small and medium-sized enterprises theory study and influence of social organization, as long as admit association, voluntarily apply for memberships, membership units can be accepted to be a corporate member.

Small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, startups, or senior management personnel of enterprises, experts and scholars engaged in theoretical research on small and medium-sized enterprises and with high academic level, famous people from all walks of life who support and care about small and medium-sized enterprises, can obtain an individual membership as long as they recognize the association’s constitution and apply for individual membership voluntarily.

Fee Standards

1. Standing, director unit, 40,000 RMB each year.
2. Corporate memberships, 3,000 RMB each year.
3. Individual memberships, 3,000 RMB each year.

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