Affiliate Program of Partnerships

Free to join our affiliate program of business partnerships and even easier to share resources and benefits in the future. If you want to become a part of Chinese small and middle sized enterprises, our affiliate program is the best choice to have for all partners’ global customers’ needs. As an affiliate partner, you will have a wide range of corporate services, ideas, strategies to develop a potential customer base who want to do business activities in Mainland China.

Our affiliate partners need a master teams and comprehensive service platform to provide quality advice and proposal to these potential customers. We guarantee that you will get more support and resource to obtain orders easily and quickly through our local strong public relations to complete the cases smoothly.

As a Partner, you will get:

1. Earn commissions and discounts from each completed order.
2. Have opportunities to meet local officials and build your relations.
3. Provide support behind your company and the brand.
4. Use our offices, meeting rooms to entertain your customers.
5. Free participate in regular salon and training organized by our platform.
6. Have chances to participate in monthly events to help you to grow up your business.
7. Join our weekly salon to meet our members and partners to discuss China business.
8. Join the trade shows organized by local chambers of commerce and organizations.
9. Volunteer to participate in all kinds of public welfare activities and hope projects organized by the local governments.
10. Monthly visit activities, visit the office of member enterprises, discuss various business models, learn different business experience and ideas.

Also you will get more benefits

Obtain a free membership and share the same right from our membership benefits. Here you may link: Membership Benefits and Advantages.

Get a recommend letter from our platform to join the industrial integrity convention organization. Here you may link: Content of Industrial Integrity Convention.

Your company as a partner also will be certificated as an authorized public service platform for Chinese middle and small-sized enterprises.

If you have any potential target market base, welcome to be a partner with us and join the affiliate program immediately.