Company Incorporation Process in Shanghai Mainland China

Incorporate a Chinese company is not difficult if you have prepared all strategic planning and full confidence. Wondering about the whole procedure and steps and how registering a Chinese private limited company. This page is very important for you to help guide you through the China business registration and to make the processes easier understanding for all oversea enterprises who are intending to bring brands, establish local companies in mainland China. SMEsChina GROUP provides whole process step by step and shares these useful information as below.

What Documents you need to prepare from China Embassies if you incorporate a company in mainland China:

1. Individual shareholders ( investors ) need taking your passports to Chinese Embassies, apply and issue certificated and notarized files for your passports, and these official documents include Chinese language. The purpose of these files is company incorporation and foreign investment for foreigners.

2. If as a foreign enterprise holdings Chinese LLC ( Limited Liability Company ), also need taking your certificate of business registration to Chinese Embassies, apply and issue certificated and notarized files for your foreign enterprises, and these official documents also include Chinese language. The purpose of these files is company incorporation and foreign investment for foreign oversea legal registered enterprises.

3. Chinese company’s legal representative, need taking passport to Chinese Embassy, apply and issue certificated and notarized passport, and these official documents also include Chinese language.

4. Supervisor, as a person supervises the senior managers of the China company, only need to provide the copy of passport.

5. Board of Directors need 3 individual people at least, all members must provide the copies of passports.

Brief list of required documents for companies incorporation in China:

Key Structure of the Company:Required Documents you have to prepare in your home country:Remarks:
Corporate ShareholderNotarization and authentication documents for the certificate of registration of foreign parent company issued by the Chinese embassy. Learn more: Embassy Notarization Authentication Documents2 sets, bilingual
Individual ShareholderDigital photo, notarization and authentication documents for the passport issued by the Chinese embassy. 16 years old at least.2 sets, bilingual
Legal Representative – Chinese PeopleOriginal ID card, 16 years old at least. Digital photo.none
Legal Representative – NonresidentDigital photo. Notarization and authentication documents for the passport issued by the Chinese embassy. 16 years old at least.2 sets, bilingual
Supervisor – Chinese PeopleOriginal ID card, photo, 16 years old at least. Digital photo.none
Supervisor – NonresidentPassport copy, photo, 16 years old at least. Digital photo.none
Financial ManagerLocal ID copy, photo, 16 years old at least. Digital photo.none

What we do from local government departments for companies incorporation:

1. Confirm the structure of Chinese company incorporation
2. Draft out articles of association and official appointment documents
3. Provide a available and legally virtual address
4. Collect all certificated and notarized files from China embassies
5. Guide you sign all local legal documents of Chinese company incorporation
6. Submit all forms and files to government departments
7. Tax incorporation and registration

Processes and timeline of incorporating a local business:

Description of Timeline:Processing Time:
Submit the application of company name search and registration.3 workdays
Draft out the documents of incorporation and legal forms, files of business registration.5 workdays
Apply for the 5-in-1 business license and the certificate of foreign owned company.5 workdays
Apply for the company stamps, corporate seals.2 workdays
Corporate account opening and activate the internet banking.5 workdays
Import and export permits (The Customs Registration Certificate).5 workdays

8 steps to learn the required information of company registration:

Steps:Topics of Study:Links of Reference:
Step 1Decide what types of software company, depends on your key structure of corporation (shareholder’s structure).Selecting a company type
Step 2How to choose an available company name with bilingual for your private limited company.Naming rules and requirements
Step 3List detail business activities from 10 industrial categories.Selecting business scope
Step 4Set up the registered capital for your limited company.Company registered capital
Step 5Set up core people of your local corporation, and key positions.Decide corporate structure
Step 6Required documents you have to prepare in your country.Documents required to register a company
Step 7Prepare notarization and authentication documents issued by China embassy.Notarization and authentication documents
Step 8Download application forms and legal files and after filling and signing, courier to SMEsChina offices.Company formation documents download

That’s OK, everything will be well done, here’s government will approval your application of company incorporation, and will give you a legal business license, you can use it starting up and doing business in mainland China.

Moreover, SMEsChina GROUP also provides assistance in Chinese bank accounts opening, and our CPA team will offer a variety of accounting, bookkeeping and taxation compliance services.

SMEsChina GROUP has a lot of rich operate experience in the filed of company incorporation and foreign businesses entities services in Shanghai Mainland China, you can select different services solutions at different stages of development through SMEsChina team. If you interested in incorporating a Chinese business, get in touch with our consultants please.

Name Search, Application and Approval of China Limited Company:

As the first step of company registration, there are many rules and regulation for apply for business name if you are initiating a limited company in mainland China. Therefore, SMEsChina share the knowledge and experience of company name’s search, application and approval. With our professional guidance to help you obtaining a legal, appropriate and acceptable China limited company name.

The enterprise name can not contain the following Chinese characters:

1. Damaging to the public interest of the state or society.
2. Maybe cause fraud or misunderstanding to the public.
3. Name of foreign country ( region ) and name of international organization.
4. Party name, name of party and government military organs, name of mass organization, name of social group and number of troops.
5. Foreign languages, Chinese phonetic alphabet and Arabic numerals.
6. Other laws and administrative regulations prohibit it.

The name of the enterprise shall use Chinese characters conforming to the national norms.

The name of a legal person shall not contain the name of another legal person, except as otherwise provided by the state administration for industry and commerce.

The name of the enterprise shall not contain another enterprise name.The name of the enterprise branch shall be the name of its subordinate enterprise.

Only one enterprise name shall be indicated on the enterprise business license.

The company shall not approve any of the following circumstances:

1.The names of the same industry enterprises that are approved or registered by the same administrative authority for industry and commerce are the same, except those with investment relations.

2. The original name which is less than 1 year after the change of the name of other enterprises.

3. The enterprise name is the same as that of the cancellation of registration or the suspension of the business license for less than three years.

4. Other violations of laws and administrative regulations.

Search the company name availability:

The types of company name normally included area, brands name, industry and the ending terms must as limited company, like SMEsChina Consultants (Shanghai)Limited Company, or Shanghai SMEsChina Consultants Co.,Ltd. If you want to try searching your Chinese name if can be accepted, you can ask our online experts sending you this form of name application, and we will help you filling and submitting to government.

Name’s language:

In China if you are incorporating a local limited company, all legal documents and license information will be Chinese language, and for foreign enterprises you can choose an English name on the stamps, because if you doing international trading or foreign exchange procedure, need to provide English name to public departments.


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Our prices of company incorporation:

Service Industry

$4,950first year
  • Government Costs
  • Certificate of Registration
  • Business License
  • Seals/Stamps
  • Virtual Business Registration Address ( 12 months )
  • Annual Tax Compliance ( 12 months )

Trade Industry

$6,450first year
  • Government Costs
  • Certificate of Registration
  • Business License
  • Seals/Stamps
  • Virtual Business Registration Address ( 12 months )
  • Annual Tax Compliance ( 12 months )

As a foreign enterprise you must follow Chinese local companies laws and management regulations, we providing a great diversity of compliance guidance in terms of different regulations of industries and laws, and assist clients in keeping their Chinese enterprises in legally status. Many clients from different countries are setting up their companies and submitting legal incorporation files to local government departments by professional team of SMEsChina GROUP.

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