Remember the Mission and Look to the Future, and the Annual Work Summary Report of 2019

Small and Medium Enterprises Service Center, held the annual meeting on November 28, 2019, “Remember the Mission and Look to the Future, and the Annual Work Summary Report of 2019” organized by SMEsChina leading group at our headquarter office, Room 22F, Building 1, South International Plaza, No. 7777 South Feng Road.

The 2019 year-end working conference specially invited the heads of various offices, subsidiaries and all colleagues in the subordinate operation and management departments to summarize and the annual work performance in 2019, and advanced individuals, and deploy the specific work target in the next year, 2020.

First, thanks our corporate policy trainer Becky Wang and events assistant Eve and executive office assist Jane Jiang for helping and planning this annual summary report meeting.

In the past year, due to the impact of the economic environment, all of our colleagues encountered a lot of resistance in market development and expansion. However, due to the implementation of new Chinese tax collection system by the tax authorities, our group increased the customer referral rate by 5% , especially the small-scale taxpayer’s tax reduction and exemption policies and corporate income tax reduction policies, which greatly helped our group to expand and enhance the SME market and customer base.

On the establishment of the internal management system, our management and sale department offices started to implement a new CRM customer relationship management system in February 2019 to conduct more effective supervision and management in the early consulting, settlement, enterprise establishment and later fiscal, tax, personnel services, visa and resident permits applications and order tracking feedback. At present, the CRM system’s test runs stably, and it helps our employees, partners and customer groups to effectively improve their communication and response time in terms of customer complaints, feedback and progress and process management, as well as coordination between internal departments.

The Summary of the Meeting Was Hosted by CEO Jonathan and HR head Tiffany.

jonathan chief executive

Dr Jonathan, the Chief Executive Officer of SMEsChina

2019, the company’s main core indexes as following:

In the field of business registration and company formation, a total of 1,620 new company registration orders were signed and implemented successfully, 70% of which were foreign-invested enterprises or joint ventures, and the main regional sources were: Japan, South Korea, Europe, the United States, Singapore, and Australia, of which 18% of the newly established corporations came from the existed customer referrals.

Regarding orders for corporate changes and cancellations, 1,319 companies changing services and 350 companies cancellation services in the past year. Among them, high value-added services involving equity changes and cancellation audits exceeded 32%.

In terms of accounting and bookkeeping outsourcing services, there were 1,513 new contracted customers, of which more than 30% of the new agency accounting customers came from referrals. Service industry taxpayers accounted for 42%, trade industries accounted for 28%, and the remaining 30% were import and export enterprises . Among of the 1,513 new customers, the customer enterprises enjoying tax reduction and exemption reached 45%.

In terms of trademark registration, the total number exceeded 3,400, of which 78% were new trademark registrations, and the remaining 22% were orders for trademark review and change.

There were 780 new personnel outsourcing agent services, 290 new visa applications for foreign employees, and 2,700 new payrolls. Among them, the tax declaration for foreign employees reached 13%.

Taxation situation. The total tax paid by customers and members for the past year exceeded RMB 780 million. Among the three main taxes, value-added tax is RMB 540 million, corporate income tax is RMB 120 million, personal income tax is RMB 80 million, and the remaining additional taxes including, stamp duty, urban construction tax, stamp duty, real estate tax, etc, total 40 million yuan.

In terms of corporate unions, 350 new members for customer base were recruited, of which foreign owned enterprises accounted for 65%.

It is worth mentioning that in terms of tax revenue training and customer tax risk control in the two new stations in 2019, the business income increased by 1.8 million yuan over the previous year, mainly due to the revenue contribution of 36 training meetings to 68% .

Look to the year of 2020, the Group has three main goals. First, it strives for an increase of 10% on the basis of total corporate tax payments of 780 million. Secondly, our target of newly registered companies strive to complete 1,800 new enterprises and strive to achieve a 25% referral rate, thereby reducing the Group’s marketing and advertising costs. Third, we will strive to reach 1,700 new agent bookkeeping customers in 2020, among which the target of referral rate will exceed 35%.

tiffany hr manager

Tiffany, HR Manager of SMEsChina

2019, the awards of our advanced individuals, Amanda, the taxes analyst of CPA center, and Abby Hua, our incubation center manager.

Amanda, through her professional skills, she successfully helped our 3 core member companies to obtain tax reduction and exemption applications and local financial support, including the 9 million VAT reduction and the 3 million corporate income tax. After receiving the customer’s approval and consent, she decisively managed and controlled the customer’s sales invoices to help customers successfully pass the corporate income tax application conditions in the second quarter. Another customer is an e-commerce company, sales increased sharply during the double 11 promotion. She personally went to the supplier’s factory to coordinate and required suppliers to issue VAT invoices for deduction in a timely manner. Throughout the three-day process, she carefully and patiently coordinated the payments and invoices of customers and suppliers. Successfully deducted purchase VAT in the month to reduce sales VAT of our client company.

Abby, as an old employee since joining our teams in 2018, Abby provides customers with late-stage incubation, policy support and other related corporate incubation guidance and assistance through on-site visits by face to face. In this year, she successfully helped 2 science and technology enterprises successfully land on the science and technology board, and guided customers to collect information files to apply for high-tech qualification enterprises. And she assisted enterprises to apply for science and technology enterprise corporate income tax reduction policy. Her on-site service has been recognized by most of the our customer base and client companies, and she has successfully signed contracts with 67 newly registered customer bases by door to door services.

Tiffany said, next year, 2020, SMEsChina will hire more new staffs and interns to enrich the business capabilities of each department. We are a whole and a big family. We hope that every colleague can learn more experience, skills in our own posts. Each of us is a teacher and a student. In the complex reform environment, we can only learn strengthen their business capabilities to help SMEsChina gains more attention and recognition in the SME service market.